I feel strongly drawn here. I am looking for one called Gadreal.


Please post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is one of the rules of this forum. Just click on the link below:

Hey hey I’m not gadreal persay but I’m of a similar influence and divination

My godform is that of gabriel not gadreal but if you’re looking for an angelic force you’ve found one

Show, don’t tell - describe what you can do then let people test it out.

I did.


Man I love that Angel :cherry_blossom: :heart::cherry_blossom:

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@AdamThoth and myself have worked with him. What questions do you have?

I also believe he may be an aspect of mine but idk yet.

What did you want from him? Does he owe you money?

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