“** Be careful with the word Fylgja. It may also refer to a woman’s spirit that attaches itself to a person. Seeing this fylgja was said to be an omen of negativity and often death. People also tend to associate the woman fylgja with luck. Should you have her favor, your luck is greatly improved. Should you fall into an ill relationship with your fylgja, your luck is ruined. The ideas of a woman fylgja are surprisingly similar to the ideas of an animal fylgja, in that it is thought they too followed individuals throughout their lives. They were typically known as “dis”. Valkyries, the Norns, and other female spirits could be this attending spirit.”

My question is how would you know if a female spirit “fylgja” is attached to you and why or could you have an attendant spirit without knowing you had one?
I’m curious about the topic of higher selves etc… anyway so, this is where the mind wants to go today. :smile:


As in Disir. Aka Idesa . Ancestral Mothers

The spirit of an Ancestress attached to a person as a Protector? That’s what this idea that you are sharing is?

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I am too lazy to type it all out, but this is what Edred Thorsson has to say on the fetch/fylgia


Uh nope. I don’t know about what they are supposed to do as I just today found out about them as I was perusing some interesting facts online @bonekindred dot weebly dot com.

I thought my question was pretty straight forwards. No guessing what I’m asking and not trying to be obtuse at all. I was reading about this today which is the only reason I posted this.

Forgive me I’m ignorant of all the variables and am in the midst of studying all this. I really don’t have it all memorized in this old mind, yet. Lol. Thank you for the page.


That broadcast speaks to me quite powerfully. Thank you.

I feel drawn to Norse traditions, but feeling a little like I might be being… appropriative, maybe? Though my family name is Anglo-Saxon I don’t identify as Scandinavian. I’m English, and my heritage is mainly Norman, English and Welsh, which I suppose is a mix of Norse and Celtic peoples. Reading through this forum, being only a few days new here, it’s dawning on me that the attraction is not uncommon among occult practitioners, and I’m watching the other thread discussing that with interest. It also might be my reservations are more about Asatru as a religion of another people, but I’m more about the gestalt as a framework for understanding and development.

Getting back to fylgja, the alternate version "It may also refer to a woman’s spirit that attaches itself to a person. Seeing this fylgja was said to be an omen of negativity and often death. " - reminds me of the banshee, another female spirit from celtic lore and attached to the individuals in a family line who’s appearance (famously by hearing her cry) foretold a death in the family. I wonder if the traditions were shared thanks to geographical co-location of Celts and Norsemen or if the entities were discovered separately.


I do see some pretty interesting similarities between a fylgja and a banshee but I don’t think they are one and the same. The fylgja is akin to your higher self and a banshee is a spirit attached to either a family or the land that they reside upon. And most information on Asatru, I’ve found mostly unhelpful. There’s a pretty obnoxious fad or “Brosatru” and “Naziatru” going around these days where most of the esoteric and spiritual practices have been stripped and replaced with either perceived ethnic superiority or with excercise obsession, leaving most of the useful philosophy and practical spirituality at the door. Grundy, Stephen Flowers, and several other authors have some pretty good works about the esoteric and magickal traditions of the Norse.


I think I was speaking to the idea that there are was reading into the original post that there were two types of fylgja, one being an individual spirit in it’s own right, and the other being part of one’s spiritual makeup like a higher self, but manifesting as separate. Or maybe, just different ways that word can be used.

There’s other overlaps between the folklore of the British Isles and Scandanavia, like the Seal-folk/Selkies so it made sense to me, based on the follow the family, female, not a part of the higher self but a separate familiar spirit aspect that this was a fae, a spirit of the Earth. I think, there are more uses of the word fylgja, and they’ve been confused and conflated a lot.

So, I looked it up in my copy of Elves, Wights and Trolls by Kveldulf Gundarsson - there’s a mention of the Story of Helga, daughter of Bardr, who floated to Greenland on an iceberg, and is assumed a troll by the people settled there. She enters a fylgjulag, a fylgja-contract or concubinage with a human called Skeggi. She later uses magic to help him overcome some battle or something, but this is not really sound like she’s Skeggi’s higher self. She’s not actually called a fylgja, that’s the name given to her relationship with the huamn. Which leads me to wonder if a fylgja could also be used to refer to all sorts allies that enter into magical pacts with humans. Some places go so far as to compare them with familiars, others with totems - two very different things. I’m not feeling these are good analogies, but neither is ‘higher self’. This is something quite unique to the Norse model of human spiritual anatomy.

There’s no more mention of fylgjas until the glossary, which also separates the meanings into two:
fylgja - usually either a supernatural ally who holds/manifests luck (often ancestral luck) for a human (fylgjukona), OR [capitals added] a person’s inner nature manifested in semi-independent form, usually as an animal
fylgjukona - “following woman”, a female fetch, ancestral fetch, or spiritual ally.”

Going back to the first question:

My question is how would you know if a female spirit “fylgja” is attached to you and why or could you have an attendant spirit without knowing you had one?

I thoughts at first this was talking about the Helga-style fylgja, a separate being that came into a relationship with the man when he was an adult - eh, one would probably notice this at the time. So, maybe not, and I was after a red herring for a while there…

I’m curious about the topic of higher selves etc…

I don’t see that a fetch, the kind that’s part of you, attained at 9 days old and "intrinsic to the personal wyrd ( friggasweb.org) is anything like a higher self as I relate to higher self as a concept.

For one thing, a fyglja can a) be lost, and b) comes into the infant at 9 days old? How could one lose a higher self or not have it part if them - it IS them. But a flygja, apparently, can become so disillusioned with the person, it - or she - leaves, taking it’s luck and other benefits with it. Which makes me ask, what would happen to a person who didn’t get a fetch at 9 days old? Or had a fetch and lost it? What’s the difference between a person with a new fetch, and one they already had from previous lifetimes?

Side note:
My personal and current model of what a higher self is, is the idea that, when a being chooses to condense through the layers of density to incarnate into a human body, they divide into multiple parts to do so, to make it easier to fit what is a rather enormous amount of energy into these teensy tiny bodies. A common divisory number is 12: 11 of the parts incarnate, as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the 12th part stays non-incarnate and allows communication between the incarnate parts and Source. That is the higher self. This also means, that in any one incarnation there are 10 more aspects of you, running parallel lives, with different aspects of your energy, and you can talk to them. They could be anywhere in time but are probably on the same planet as the same type of being. My feeling is that the number is probably more variable than that - why not 144, why not 1?, and the leaving behind of a part to be this higher self is optional. I guess it depends on how confident a spirit is in their skills to awaken and connect once human. After years of communicating with entities from inanimate objects through crystals, animals, the higher selves of other people, to sprits of place, devas, ascended masters and gods, I don’t appear to have a higher self, I’m pretty sure I would have had a few conversations by now if I did, which is why I think it’s an optional step. These ideas were channeled through a new age Group of entities which feels suspiciously like none other than Azazel and his Nethers, they didn’t even change their names much. Dude gets around.


Interesting post, I never thought my higher self could not exist… eek? I sure hope it does or I’m screwed man. lol and that isn’t too funny, to me. Food for thoughts, though, thanks.

I do tend to disagree and feel I do have a higher self as does everyone else. Be it subconsious tapping or whatever. I can’t even label it as I am not as well read as you seem to be. No matter! I’m always learning something new. Thank you.

It’s very possible that there could be two fylgjas. Dan Updike and several authors have made the fylgja/higher self connection. But I think I’ve heard it (the higher self in Norse thought) being called the Wöd-self. The fetch higher self works for me as a model but I’m not exactly sure what the old Norse mystics thought about it.


There is of course always the idea that I might just be really ham-fisted at contacting my higher self. :thinking: What usually happens is either nothing, or, some other random being pops in, usually one I’ve worked with before but they’re very obviously not me (Pan, for example, he’s come 2 or 3 times, pretty unique and unforgettable god) - I think they just notice I’m ‘online’, so to speak, and stop by because they can.

I’m not offended by the idea that I didn’t leave part of me disincarnate - assuming that’s the case, and I haven’t noticed any obvious discrepancy with performing the usual stuff in my dabbling way so far… It would be just like me to ignore the memo on “Best Practices when Incarnating as a Human” too :sweat_smile:

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Acck, interesting but I’ll stick with what I currently believe. I’m not changing my outlook here. My higher self is just me, my best self, in the light, not the shadows. That is my simple take on it. It works for me. I trust that it is just a manner of speaking, a description of a sort, nothing more. I don’t really believe I came here for any purpose, it is all just random births and deaths. I tried getting on the reincarnation track but … no just can’t do it. To me it is just another illusion of life, something someone made up to explain how life works. I don’t buy it. I can understand passing on what you know to your children, that being a job or profession and the personality aspect of the mind. I like what Mooji has to say about that stuff. I’m not Buddhist but it makes more sense than some other religious junk going around as truth. I’m a truth seeker. No offense to the religious folks. That is just how I see life.

Well, incarnating, and REincarnating aren’t the same thing, and I wasn’t talking about the latter… was I? Didn’t mean to… I was just coming from the idea that humans are a composite deal made of “mind, body and spirit”, and what the mechanisms could be to get them together to make a person, and how that could relate to the fylgja and/or Woed. I need to watch that video again.

Spiritual philosophy and religion are two different things too - I’m not religious at all, actually I was an atheist until I was about 24. I still prefer the idea that after this there’s only oblivion; I just don’t believe it. Sad face.

But anyway, fair enough.

So, getting back to the price of fish, are you still looking to find out if you have a fylgja of some kind, or does this mean you’re happy with the Higher Self as Best Foot Forward version?

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Yes, I’m a bit stuck with the higher self idea, as for the other I’d have to do a lot of heavy reading to be convinced I really have something “else” with me or even findable. (is that a word? lol) When I first came across this new idea I was all happy go lucky like a kid in a candy store, but my thoughts came back around to the original belief and now I’m just sitting on this.

I know what you mean by just thinking it all ends at the end… oblivion. It would be sad to find out that this is all there is, and beliefs, I think make life and death concepts more palatable but the truth is really all we all have! Scientifically they won’t tell you anything about spirit, but that it goes away when you die is the best possible answer you’d get if you pushed a scientist to say, from that stand point, in other words the oblivion we all seek to avoid is really just what it is. Life is a cycle, but yes it ends, sadly.

We can’t live for 1000 years etc… but hey if we did we’d better have lots of replacement parts available to make it a happy 1000 years! You know?!

I’m open to the idea that I may have a fylgja, simply because it would explain some things in my life that still have no answer, if nothing else. So Yes, I’m still looking, but there are days I’d just assume not go there, today is not one of those days! I’m open, in other words, to the possibility. I feel some outside influences were affecting my mind or state of mind when I posted that last post. This to could be reason for my change of heart or mind, but I digress. I’m not going to fully take this out of my bucket list of things I need to explore more about. Thanks for asking @Mulberry.

Well, just to clarify, I do think I have a flygya; it’s a snake.

I might be just mired in language right now. don’t think the ‘higher self’ as I use the term is a flygya, and I’m not sure I incarnated in a way that works with that model - there’s not a separate-feeling entity I can contact that has a name and is a higher form of me - I’m 100% here in this body.

In that sense, I might be agreeing with @FraterMagni after all: my flygja is the only higher self I’m going to get before I get to the Wod.

… On the other hand, if a ‘higher self’ means more like, “who you feel you are when your vibrations are highest, not heavily influenced by the ego or the animal self”, then yes, I do think everybody has one in that sense - if they’re not the walking dead :slight_smile:

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Yeah, for me the ego is heavy very heavy and I need to keep cleansing and reminding of my real self is not that, it is just my mind. I’m not sure I have a flygja, honestly. It seems so foreign to my self being in the highest vibe possible as you state. Like an anti me, or a stranger keeping me company like a familiar. I just don’t know.

Meh. The Vikings spent enough time raping and enslaving people in Britain, I don’t think they have a right to complain. Also, the Normans are literally vikings who hung out in France for a few generations. Also also, Anglo-Saxons are Nordic too.

Really, you’re going to bash the Nords?! Slavery was commonplace in all nations back then. Besides this is irrelevant to my topic. :frowning:

Can I just chime in and say that the biggest problem you are having is that you are trying to merge paradigms that are not meant to be merged. The Norse soul complex is… Well it’s complex, and if you adopt it you need to adopt it on its own and treat it as its own separate system rather than trying to overlay it to the occult traditions of HGA or Higher Self.


I’m aware of this. WhatEver.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:
I have a mind to ask for this topic to get deleted but I really hate to to do that. I’m not asking advice further on this topic. I’m done with it now, as far as forum discussion is concerned.