That makes perfect sense. I was using “higher self as fylgya” as an analogy, but they’re different enough models that the analogy isn’t translating for me very well.

Considering the subforum this is in, maybe we should focus more on the Norse aspect and not worry about the term “higher self” and what that could mean in the context of Norse soul making at all?


Now you are getting it. :slight_smile:


Oh. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t mess it up for you :confused:

I’m very interested in this topic. it’s been a long time draw I’ve only recently felt entitled to listen to, and since making that change in myself, the dam blocking information that makes sense to me has been broken. Makes me a bit gushy in that puppy “OMG LOOK! I found a STICK!!!” way I guess.


LOL I have absolutely No Problem with you at all in any way shape or form @Maulbeere. Zero sip nada. I should know better than to post here before having my first cuppa joe in the morning!! Oops! Please don’t worry about it… I just feel at times that something neg is being attracted to me online and I get defensive. :coffee::coffee::coffee: NOW. :crazy_face:

@Maulbeere :hugs::100::ok_hand::+1::v:


Fact is I know I am attracted by or to Light Elves and Dwarves, they be my buddies if only I could create a sanctuary for them in my yard. it’s one of my garden dreams I guess. lol
Figuring out where my soul needs or wants to be is another factor in the mix. I need to do more than just believe in my Self. It is there and I don’t want to kick it out of place, just enhance it with the ways of Wyrd. I can’t afford books atm so I am making do with reading online, mainly here and one or two Nordic sites for information. I am heavily relying on my Norse Magick book for inspiration in everything I do spiritually, although I do get distracted at times. So eventually I’ll find my Fylgja too I’m sure. I haven’t gone as far in this path as most here so I’m a work in progress. (WIP) :brain::pray::woman_mage::fairy:


Quick reply to say, core shamanism teaches pretty fast contact with this, i forget if you have the tutorial but I can send it.

Whether the HS is objectively “real” or structured, it’s a useful thing to have.

PS Let me know if you want me to close this thread now. :+1:


Yeah, I like opinions but for me, I can’t see why I can’t have my cookie and my original belief too. lol see.

Oh no don’t close it. thanks. thanks. thanks. xoxoxo


You can. Living with seeming paradoxes is part of the fun. :smiling_imp:


IKR?! :crazy_face::smiling_imp: :ghost::woman_artist:


You might have them already. Have you tried maybe just sitting out there and meditating to see if you can get in touch by straight-up intuition?


Yep, have felt them around at times, when it’s quiet and still, they like my herbs… and I have a ceramic terra cotta faery girl out there watching over them. Usually early morning or dusk. But not really seeing any evidence to point at. haven’t meditated out there in a long while though…years even.


I’ve started following E.A.'s Norse LH Pathworking, and there’s a strong emphasis on getting out in Nature and just sitting quietly in it. He received that we’re not really in Midguard proper until we remove ourselves from our comfy protections from nature.
… Which also reminds me of the book The Elves of Lilly Hill Farm, where the elves would continuously say “Walk yer land!”. If she didn’t walk the land enough she lost come connection with the elves.

And I would be remiss not to recommend Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature by Marko Pogacnik, one of my favourites.

These books aren’t Norse tradition - but for practical galdor-magik with the Norse land wights and elves, I’m working through chapter 9, “Rites” in Elves, Wights and Trolls, the book I mentioned before. Gundarsson actually recommends not trying to get in touch with them too hard if you’re relatively new to communicating with otherworld beings, giving several warnings not to offend (I find this comforting in a way as it’s how I was brought up too - never upset the Good Folk… which is also why they’re called the Good Folk) and starting by making little offerings, sharing your food and bidding rede.
For example, this isn’t Norse, it’s Celtic but it fits, I leave offering of bread and milk outside the back door at night from time to time, not always - but I never miss it on Samhain, and I think I’ll start to honour the wheel of the year this way, which will help me get back in touch with the seasons.


Sounds very good, and I feel that way about getting outside a lot more, I need to do like I did as a kid and try to go out for at least a couple hours per day, any excuse to get out and feel the earth under my feet, bare if possible.
Thank you for the book links, look interesting, hope to Buy one or more on this subject anyway. I have an elemental magick book but it doesn’t say much about the wee folk.


Ooh look what I found right under our noses:
Offering to the Land Wights


Heyyyy perfect. Thanks!


everything that you say “pops in”

“everything” being just Pan the other day? All one of him? I’m not an aspect of Pan, and he’s not a version of my higher self, if I have one that’s remained discarnate at all. We’re not related, I just reached out to him when I was trying to co-creation gardening thing.

You are of course entitled to your own worldview - “technically” speaking. Maybe I just don’t see what you see in your head and the language is giving me a different view that doesn’t work for me. Communication filters do that. However - perk of being a black mage - I get to make my own mind up, thanks though.

Hmn, except that… (because I don’t do black and white)… if we all come from the Source that is beyond the multiverses, like drops from an ocean, then we are all parts of the one same source, if you go far into it enough. In this case, you @Nengeleth, are also a mask of me. And I am a mask of you. Since we are both aspects of the same panentheistic source asked to play different parts in the epic being human theatrics.

Point being, if you play the mask game, where does it stop? We are doing thing because we don’t want to be “all one”, I thought… and what of the questions it raises? - what happens to the higher selves of he dead or the unborn? what about info your higher self could not have known, info from other higher selves, which is corroborated by other humans, but you weren’t talking to then only a third party you think is really just you? Why do only humans get to have spirits but discarnate beings that had the common sense NOT to ever incarnate as human suddenly don’t even exist?

And maybe it’s true, that we’re All One, but I think it’s not super grounded, and hence not that helpful for getting results when the purpose f being human is to get deep into this version of existence, with it’s paradigm duality and individual sovereignty.


“Some people” as in me, you mean? :thinking:

It’s not my business what you believe, I merely offered what works for me. I didn’t try to tell you what to believe or claim any “technical” truths on your behalf. I would have appreciated the same courtesy, but oh well.

Best of luck. I shall leave this thread in peace.


It seems I do have a fylgja, in fact after some meditative moments this morning I’m sure of it. Unfortunately , whether normal or not I have a boar or pig as mine. Lol. I was born with that one i think. Then I also have a second fylgja, if that is possible? I know I have a totem like relationship with horses and armadillo to mention only a couple I feel akin to. I could name the others but don’t want to stray off topic about what I think my totems may be, it may clash, in any case with this new path I’m pursuing.


as a thursian volva and werewolf succubus i am OFFENDED !!! :’( pls do not let them kno my secrets of the succing!!!


on the real i have always felt a female presence that is very animalistic and ebil that attached to me when i was given the runes by a female elder relative…and it has mostly made my life better. i coexist with it if it wants to be parasitic but it has given me confidence and made me more able to function than i used to be due to mental and physical weakness…so. take that as you will B) the animal that i have been associated with is the raven. they warn me of things, they remind me of things, they always follow me no matter where i go and they snitch on me too.