Fully Initiated!The drakonian emenations from the three of life!


I completely initiated as of allready last year trough the whole sephirotic three of life only using demonic powers based upon Vk jehannums working of Drakonian Emenations.

It whas hard as DAMN SON! But very rewarding and liberating for my overal soul spirit and being at the end.

Bringing that to life online whas a big challenge for me but well, at the end of it i won!


This is my personal journey on this more left hand side initiation into the three of life without any judaic/christian character.

Namely the Drakonian Emenations wich whas brought to my attention by my visitations from Vk jehannums websites. It is his type of initiation work that i found intrigued and feel to work with.

Its mainly guides are composed of GOETIKON, SYTHRAKOR, CHERNOBOG AND HECATE. I have my own extra steps in wich i will not boast it freely out there because they are intense and one must be willing to invest into them.


My recent perception of the world is right now everything tainted and with the touch of slowness and realness and just being here in the now present and earthed, also materialistic and seeking for fleeting pleasures for leting oneself go into it. But lukily i am trained in selfdiscipline to weight this out in balance.


So in the first sphere of Malkuth Demonica there is the process of the begining of this whole path in becoming the whole(Metaphoricly and symbolicly speaking) Three. Wich symbolises you as an on some higher level realised occult magician and master of ones own reality to some extent (it would be complete if ones finishes successfully the qlipoth) .

And for a three to grow properly, the seedling wich in this case is the meaning of you as a whole being in the likes of physicality, mentality-spirit, spirituality. Should be healthy so that the initiations goes in the proper way. If not, the guidances will take care of you in a way so you will have the choice or even must take action so that any area you are laking will be healed and worked upon so that you can properly ascend and grow in this spiritual endevour you are doing.


As of recent i had a deep mindblowing experience in my meditation - ritual practice of my pre guidance work before the actual Drakonian Emenations initiation.

As i know that before you one goes in an actual initiation it would be best to have guidance in the ritual-spiritual space and the outer space/mundane life.

I had concerns what type of symbols i should need or have to deepen and strenghten my guidance and initiation.

My deep prayer has been answered in my deep transcendental meditation and astralwork by a birth of an new being(out of these allready 4 guidances! I know mindblowing).

This being has been created for the sole purpose of helping anyone in the background and sometimes in the forefront in ones initiatiry endevours of that three.

Since ife been trough my previous initiation trough the earth sphere.
Many spiritual doorways unto spiritual perception has been opened up more for me.

I have learned that, that the more alternative dark initiation form of Kabbalah shouldnt be done on a daily basis unless youve been guided to do so or you can handle this energy for transformation.when not it can make you sick on a physical level and beyond.

So trust your gut and dont be obsessive!


In this Phase my daimon got significantly stronger than before i can now lucid dream and control my daimon/astralbody but that came with a cost-sacrifice like literaly anything in life.

And with a challenge of law and order.

Mercurial sphere is significant with ,speed, communication, mental capacitys,logic,Analysis,Mercury,Technology

In astrology, Mercury is an important planet because it governs our intelligence and communication skills. It also represents our ability to think clearly and see the truth, and how well we can express our ideas.

Whether you want guidance on your path or just want to use your own inner power, paying attention to your gut feeling can help you get more perspective and understanding. Therefore, if you want more happiness and knowledge in your life, keep in mind your gut feeling!

Nature of the Planet: Communication
Color: Orange
Mettal: Quicksilver/Mercury or Brass
Incense: Storax
Symbol: Caduceus
Magical Direction: East

Tarot Cards: Air= 8 of Swords/ Fire= 8 of Wands/ Earth= 8 of Pentacles/ Water= 8 of Cups

Magical use in:
For improving the mind generaly, for improving learning, , bether concentration, better speech, writing abilitys. Improving all Mental Ailments such as Anxiety, Amnesia, hesdaches, worry. Also assists education, Interviews, short journeys, all forms of communication.


In this Intitaion you will be confonted with venus energys and beings.

This one whas really a sore for me emotianlyy and generally it whas also the timeperiod in wich k struggled very hard to finaly finish my Mentalcoach trainer license only to break down emotionaly completely afterwards.

Zodiacs are Taurus and libra.
Main deity i asociate i with it is Lucifer and Aphrodite. Color is Green. Also corseponding with Victory.is also asociated with vampirism and venusian succubi youll get confronted with at least on my ocaision.Number 7 and 1225

Nature of the Planet-Attraction/Harmony

Color: Green
Metal: Copper
Incense: Rose
Symbol: Rose
Magical Direction: North

Tarot Cards: Air= 7 of swords/ Fire= 7 of Wands/ Earth= 7 of pentacles/ Water= 7 of Cups

Magical uses:
Gaining affection, Attraction (of People and posession), increase of earnings, financial gain, social succes, money, peace, Justine, harmony,.

My sacrifices where Sexual in nature and a part whas comenced to deepen my spiritual practices and journey.

It whas very emotionaly draining and had undergone a ego death…

Drakonian Emenations Solar sphere

So in this initiation surprisingly enough i didnt experience any major sacrifice nor traumatic expiriences or biger challenges other than to deepen my conection to the whole spiritual worlds inside as of outside of myself.Nor did i became unstable it was a major strenghtening of my spirit and its self. And the burning away from selfperceptions and the selfes that are a hinderence to my growth in general.

It was a healing time for me for sure.

The Sun.

Number: 6,18,111,666,

Incense :Frankincence

Symbol: Hexagram

Colors: Gold,yellow,goldyellow,

Metal: Gold or Gold colored

Magical direction:South

Tarot Cards: Earth 6 of Pentacles, Water 6 of Cups , Air 6 of Wands, Fire 6 of Swords,

Plane: Healing&Vitality

Ritual usage: Contact with the hugher self ,Confiserie,fame, luck/success in gambling, Popularity, honor, organizing abilities, Speculation and Vitality,


Pdf:The jehannum papers

Color: Red
Metal: Iron
Incense: Benzoin
Symbol: Pentagram
Magical Direction: South
Tarot Cards-Air-5 of swords, Fire-5 of wands, Water-5 of cups, 5 of Pentacles
Nature of Planet-Energy
Ritual uses-Ambition, Courage, self defence,winning disputes, dealing with enemys, vigor, a persons ability to express trough the use of enemy activity, self Confiserie.
My Initiation:
I whas led to change my routinely Regiment to join a Martial Art gym called taifudo. And before that i had many synchronizitys with symbols of Scorpio
and chilli and pepper(atributions of mars)… In my training Ife been posessed by a passion to give it my all so much so that my hands got bleedy bruised and damaged and i have gotten a scar from that.All the blood i have spilled i offered to all the martial gods of War who have heard my call and smelled my sacrifice of pain,sweat,blood, and they took it upon them.After i graduated the first grade so in this class so did my initiation unto Drakonian Saturn(complicated story).

Did finish a rank until i whas initiatorily pulled away from it and than had to stop going to it.

In this initiaton i whas forced to confront and integrate my shadow in the way of destroying my Complacense of how thinks are and just being ok and dont doing anything different…bether… .With that it whas strangely enough influenced by extraterestial forces of the Orion Belt wich have high interest in the development of Black Magical practitioners-beginners/Masters alike or general negative polarised beings who pursue such path of focused selfempowerment in the ways of building once own soul ,mind,body and empire up.

Shadow hat man and the shadowpeople as of all the ancient saturnine gods and titans where also involved in my ascend/initiaton i whas called to to work with them in these matters. It also happened around where i developed properly my Daimon.

Of course, for now it happened in my councious astral journeys and visits of these ET’s in my deep sleep. I have also goten a new extra Job oppurtunity that i whas pushed to go get it as a Fitness Center helper some sorts. I imediatly got into that and it changed my life for the bether on the long run because i knew instinctly that it will become a Fundament for my overall evolution.

COLOR: Black
SYMBOL: Triangle
NUMBERS: 45, 3,

Tarot Cards Association:


Business matters, dutys, endurance, land, patience, success in chosen profession, property, selfcontrol ,all matters requiring stability, curses, bindings, necromancy,


The Desertine/Abyssmal Matrix

In this Stage i have been led to use a Ginungagap initiation rite in Kombination with my own channeled Version of passing the desert(sephirotic Version of the abyss.This one whas a mixture of Pluto and Uranus). The ordeal whas stop using a particular addictive fetish for the time period i have initiatied myself.

A 59 mames of Marduk being also led my hand for the time being wich his name whas Luggaldimmerankia. I had to work with him because literally it pulled me to him in this time.This one showed me literally trough guidance of information upon the phone and my personal minds eye.That the matrix is literally a program in wich people are sorted out infected or replaced and also attacked.

For Black Magicians the matrix is a playground/gym at the same time in wich they will become and are a ruling class on theyre own and will influnce and rule trough mastery this and these kinds of realitys. The white mages or just magicians are the ones who will be attacked taken advantage off and being tempted by the forces of Darkness. As in natures law that both must colide and Equalize one another to produce power and evolution for both sides and for all of existence on earth and beyond.

One of the biggest flexes and traps the Matrix and its rulers has is your phone your TV your Radio music,games etc.Everything or most of them is saturated and infected with the counciousnes of the guardians of the abyss and desert choronzon and shugal and the all consuming mother as of the satyr the Moloch the Seerenes, Aliens, are some examples wich had found a spiritual archetypical place and influence in modern technology and mass media.

But in my gnosis the most ruling ones of them is Choronzon / shugal because the phone is literally a gateway to daath and a black mirror at the same time. So many counciousness most of the young people loose theyre original soul(intent) and will and authenticity and like something alike this agent smith virus in the matrix movie replaces theyrs.

And so on

I have a Article on BALG describing that:

Of course one could say by wich intent it is used for, is also important but by the nature of it, one can say it is a major factor of this todays many contributors of chaos and degeneracy on many levels.

This is my observation ive gotten by my initiation trough the daath desert.

Planet: Neptune
Tarot:The high priestes, the empress
Symbols: Door, desert, Camel,
Guardian: Shugal
Numbers: 11
Attributions:Sorting the wheat out,magnum opus,Unification of ,
counciousness,deeper knowledge,

Vices: general addictions, being stuck,overblown egotism, troath problems,


The expansion and pressure alchemy.

I allways konzetrated myself to first grow spiritually than my Mental psychic / emotional nature and than my material aspects.

But when i decided i whas ready to initiate myself into the jupiterian aspects of drakonian Emenations i whas guided to enhance finnaly my material aspects.

It really came trough trough sacred numerology of the number 3.

It whas a like usualy a strange period in my Life in this initiation phase.

In this timeperiod i worked in the gym as an helper and customer Service for many thinks, and out of nowhere a independend and well off Creator introduced himself to me of a youtube channel called Upven for independend artists (he is the artist and makes good guitar covers)and wanted to do something but just dont got into anything(as of yet).

Than out of nowhere called me on a thursday (Jupitersday) someone of an insurance Company because an old friend told him many positive thinks about me so he wanted to see me and introduce myself if i am a good fit.And apparently i wasnt.But i knew it whas initiatory in nature .Because there whas often the keyword “,Expansion”(one of Jupiters charkteristics) present.The energy ive goten out of this big journey whas the only important think i knew i must expirience and integrate.At the end of this big day a overwhelming feeling of pure gratitude and thankfullness overcomes me and brought me to tears and ave where ive been and where ive come and just pure bliss of thankfullness whas just here for everything in existence.

When i worked like usually and made my rounds within the gym.A well dressed man whas making himself at the big mirror ready.And because he dressed pretty fancy i just had to Ask" Where are you going today, you look pretty clean and fancy and ready to go" He replied"To work".And from this conversation onward he introduced his Company to me and that he looks for people to recruit .And i just took this Chance and went to his Office and then the rest ist history.Since that point i work now there and learn my craft as an Prevention Manager.

Also i healed my trauma with angelic beings and celestial magic in general.I inititiated myself into Angelic Magic and Angelic Pantheon in this time. It helped me well and heal deep seated wounds.

This initiaton really opened my capabilitys to peform wealth and richness magic amd also thatvof Healing.

I am very gratefull that it happened.


Kabbalah number: 4
Color: Blue
Metal: Tin
Incence: Sandalwood
Symbol: Equal armed cross or square
Magical direction: South
Tarot Cards: Air = 4 of swords, Fire = 4 of swords, Water = 4 of Cups, Earth = 4 of Pentacles.

Significance in Ritual use:
Affluence, Abundance, long Distant Travel, higher education, foreign affairs, Fortune, Investment, Luck, Prosperity, Legal Matters, Riches, Wealth, Opurtunitys to advance one self in general



In this stage of my initiation i did 3 Jobs at the same time and slowly transitioning myself to my true calling in life trough evolutionary pressure i have been presset on my initiatiry journey so far.

I felt hurt on my back of my theeth and apparently my whisdom thooth came out at the exact time i iniated trough the emenation known as the sphere of whisdom. Wich i found interesting.

I have been led to Refrain using other peoples creative endevours of magic instead listening to my own creativity and magic and doing and creating mostly my own magic from that point forward.

It has led to me to pursue more my own crafts and ideas instead of other peoples in general.

And pursuing my own true path emenating from my true revealed nature.


COLOR: White

METAL: Aluminium and Zinc




TAROT CARDS: Air/ ace of swords, Fire/ ace of wands, Water/ ace of cups, Earth/ ace of pentacles

Intuition faculties of the mind, independet Action, magic, astrology, higher intellect, willpower , change , sudden promotion.


Letting go for passing trough Hell.

i had to go trough the abyss twice aparently to cleanse myself further for attaining my true self my true desires and path .

So it happened that i had to let go of my two Jobs and even posibly the third option .It whas just a test and cleansing to strenghten me so i am even more consolidated and steady on my feet for the path of servicing myself and my evolution and giving the fair chance every person who comes across me to do the same.

This initiation also helped me deepen my conection to the astral realms and my daimon. I dont dream anymore i actually nearly everytime i go to sleep i do astralworkings.

i am happy that it happened.

The test of Kinghood for Kinghood .

In the phases where i initiated into the Drakonian Kether i felt physical something opening up exactly at the top of my head at the scalp where the whirl hairline sprouts out even a litle wound opened up ,but after the successfull transition and initiation it healed itself quikly up. Something similar happened to me when i initiated trough Chokmah drakonian sphere wich whas also known as the sphere of whisdom my other whosdom tooth came out at that time.

Well the whole expirience felt to me like a big mind and soul expansion.I felt my conection to source and ultimate power and evolution has exponantionaly increased in me and thus my evolutionary potential with it.

I got increasingly clearer and more orderly in general in my spirit and outer enviroment . I can clearly observe that my now state of myself being is emenating a flow of order into many thinks and people.I can think clearer, feel clearer and reach more profound mastery over my spirit and mind.

It felt like a whole bag of weight has been lifted of my shoulders and all the dimnes and waryness Faded away and what is left whas a perfect distilled elixir for your soul and spirit wich allows to reach and grow more of apersonal godhood a bit further.

One will also be testet at the higher echelons of higher astral existance if you are eligible to rule your kingdom manifoldly.

That speaks of all your physical as of astral channels of your dwelling power will be put to the test if it has strong foundations and can stand on all its grounds.

That means for example if you discovered your soulsmission for example is to teach and help people grow on theyre chosen path and you want to build your independence and empire upon it.

They will send you people who invest in you listen to you and youll see these are also puppets of higher forces to see if you got what it takes. To make people successfull on this spiritual path of selfdeification and discovery as of power, whisdom and understaning manifoldly.

And when you and them succeed youll Pass and be asured your school/Business/Empire will surely and profoundly manifest and grow .But if you fail youll go again to trials, tribulations, and training until you understood and mastered it completely. No in between.

Color: Violet or luminous Blue
Metal: Tungsten (Iron maybe use)
Incense: Peat
Symbol: Phoenix
Magical Direction : West
Tarot Cards: None
Nature of Planet : Elimination
Uses in Magic are:
Complete change, in other words complete removal of all that is stagnant to make way for something new. Transformation and transmutation. Investigation into life after death, discovery (magical secrets) use of hidden forces , legacies, Self purification, Spiritual amd Mental Regeneration.
:white_circle: LUX :crown: ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:

I even made a whole damn playlist if one is interested in that timeperiod.

Stressfull as fuuuucdhwk.




:crown: LUX :snake: ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:


When you talked about a birth of a new being, was it a servitor created to better guide people in this initiation? If it is, just by acessing the Drakonians Emanantions or it was for yourself only to use.

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This process and undertaking from the 4 main deitys to birth such being came naturally to me with its intentions, with the main purpose in its core to help and guide anybody who is aproaching him for that respects.

It whas not explicetly designed to just help me nor it whas said nor made it clear that it whas just for me.

In actuality it came to pass that anybody who aproaches him can only work with it as of right now only for the purpose of helping and assisting mostly in the subtle background in the processes of drakonian Emenations initiations and posibly even beyond that.

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Good to hear that! I also want to congradulate you and thank you, Tristan. Your sigil channeled for sexual magnetism and money (the one with three serpents) worked very well. I’m plaining to renew the ritual, cause I think the effects wored down a little bit.

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Man, Thank you too Mister Keleton😊!

That does give me strenght in myself and my rites/magic that i do, for real.

I do have many in planing in realising with time.

I am just transitioning in soo damn many thinks right now that i cant keep up with the demands in all sites that i theter to.And i am sick of it because they seem like excuses to me…


The Devil dances as we know at many partys and festivals if posible at the same time!

Naga Bless to you Mister Keleton :skull_and_crossbones::love_you_gesture:t2::fire::zap::star2:

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