Fuck thy Neighbor

I’m curious what daemons y’all would use to fuck Christians with.

I got this bitch coworker Tammy singing “I believe in Jesus” around me" only when I’m around, kept singing it over and over yesterday, It was getting annoying.
I wanted to say, “Add to it or shut the fuck up”.
I feel I was being targeted.

Maybe I should do the Invocation of Lucifer from the Temple of Ascending Flame. Not really ready, haven’t memorized it yet, got parts of it memorized.

It pisses me off these fuckers walk around just spitting in my face their shit.

I can use their own bible to prove all their shit wrong. And many don’t even know what their bible even says, it’s like it’s devolved into a cult of idioticy. Raving lunatics with no Goddamn sense.

I feel there is a daemon that wishes to commune with me strategies and invocations to irritate and educate at the same time these daffy bastards.

I need some Recommendations.
Belial comes to mind…


Abaddon, Andromalis, Azazel, Cthulhu, Beelzebub also poltergeists another great one, Belial.


I heard duck-tape is really good at muffling stupid.


Ever get this,
“I’m going to pray for you”?
I think one should respond with,
“But doesn’t god have a plan?
Unless you think your bullshit
can supercede his bullshit,
fuck your prayer.”

These fucktards have no idea what is correct.


I think you should find your big boy pants, and your manners, go up to her and say,

“You seem to have an earworm but the repetition is distracting me and I need to work. Could you add the rest of the line or sing something different please.”

It’s amazing what acting like an adult can do.


Aw dude, are you triggered? Do you need pictures of puppies and a blankie to calm down? :roll_eyes:

Yes, and you use your astral senses to figure out if it’s meant as a curse or as a well-wishing.

If they’re well wishing, I think you should say ‘thank you’ and wish them well back.
If it’s a curse, retaliate accordingly.


Hi @SorcererSupreme, I am a Christian and I can tell you what this woman is doing is clearly out of order for several reasons, but what I will say is so-called Christians who have the need to antagonize others really aren’t who they say they are, or they have very little power in their walk. I can tell you she is probably doing that to be funny but also it’s telling of her own self-worth and image.

If I were you, I would scare the shit outta her, I would tell her…“Listen, I see you’re targeting me and it may be all fun and games…but if you continue to harass me, I will truly test to see if you’re protected by the blood of Christ or if you’re a fraud. I’m a sorcerer and have no problems seeing if you’re the real deal when I curse you for bothering me. Consider yourself warned!” I bet that makes her stop dead in her track for sure, or she can tell you to fuck off and keep doing it…in that case…you do have the option to test and see if she is protected by the power of Christ. As a Christian, I do hope you guys can work it out, without it resorting to such measures…but I don’t agree with anyone, no matter the religion, doctrine or belief to ever be invasive.

I’ve seen curses put on Christians and not work and I’ve seen them also work just as easy. So it’s in her best interest to not make herself a target. I hope this helps a little and I apologize again, as a fellow Christian this is not right and I would personally myself tell her to stop if I were a witness to this, not out of fear, but out of human decency.


Other than the demon, “Duct-tape” (a powerful demon indeed) here is @Lady_Eva’s troll repeller:

The Demon COHZIER Who Stands Against The “Troll God” Of Abraham


All sarcasm aside.

Yes try being civilised first. If that doesn’t work, try a binding.


Belial. I actually had a shitty forearm at my last job and I had a sense Belial wanted me to evoke him and ask him to teach that POS a lesson. And telepathicaly I thought it was a good idea.

After seeing a thread about demons sometimes doing little things for you without asking he could’ve caused that mans father to die a week or two later.

I really didn’t put much thought into it now but I know he hates that type of person but could be wrong about that. Clairaudience isn’t open really lol so idk for sure.

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As others have said, you could probably just ask nicely and be done with it. If you want to put in some magickal effort you could do a simple silencing ritual. You mentioned Lucifer, he would be a fine choice. If you want to vent some frustration you could also ask him to fuck with her. Doesn’t have to be harsh, could just be rather strange. Tricksters can produce rather amusing effects if you allow them to be creative.

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Answer: “Aw, thank you, I’ll pray for you too!”
Then when you go home do exactly that :smiley:


Sorry, me again. A banishing ritual, once mastered, can be used for all sorts of things. I apologise for going on about the importance of banishing.



This was kind of my point.
This is like getting upset for being hissed at by a kitten, and I treat it with the same amount of concern. This weak magic isn’t even intentional, why are you giving it power over you to do as much as piss you off?

If it’s an attack, it’s so lame compared the your power as a black mage @SorcererSupreme, I don’t even know why it’s on the radar as an issue. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry?


Fuck thy neighbour for thyself I always say :).
However, I generally recommend detachment and shifting focus gently to activities/thoughts that are more constructive/beneficial to you materially (emotionally). Yes, you could light some spiritual dynamite and shove it up her, I’m assuming ample, arse but it takes your emotional balance (calm) in the bargain and I don’t think it’s worth the bother because I suppose we are all a bit prone to “my way is the best/only way” like anybody else.
Use rituals only if it gets truly out of hand because rituals can become very potent in the way they aid shifts in consciousness.

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What song is this and how is it sung? You could go all deep rock opera voice and start singing something (maybe some ol meatloaf or something or make it up).

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Have you considered going to human resources and reporting her for religious targeting. Christians aren’t exactly the most well-liked group in certain circles.

I figured I would offer a mundane solution before turning to sorcery.

That said, I have no problem with you running this bitch through the spiritual ringer.

Call on Satan to raise your adversarial Banner High.
Call on Abaddon to destroy their effect in your life.
Call on Azazel to teach them the error of their ways.
Call on Lucifuge Rofocale to enforce the entire agreement.

Or, you could simply call on Cthulhu to rain chaos down upon their entire life, and fuck them over in every single way possible. He has a real problem with people trying to brainwash and manipulate other people .

It’s entirely up to you. Have fun…


Start singing ghost, year zero around her.


The title of this thread is really misleading.

I thought we were going anti bible commandments here…

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife…

Thou shalt covet thy neighbors wife…

Disappointing thread.

I dont mind the christian singing, everyone has their thing.


That’s rich, coming from someone who wrote this:

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