Would like to make some friends on the forum HMU!

Hi everyone I am still kind of new to the forum
Looking to maybe make some friends on here with other magicians HMU :call_me_hand:


Don’t look at me. Everyone hates my guts (almost). I’m a straight-shooter. I tell it like it is. I’m rejected, reviled and vilified by most on these boards because of my unrepentant, forthright, take-no-prisoners approach. But, what do I care? I’m up myself! No one sees me cry myself to sleep at night - primarily because I don’t.

So don’t look to me to offer you spiritual comforts of the naughtiest and most Magickal of kinds.

P.s. Sorry and a sincere welcome to BALG.




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Welcome friend. :heart:

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You might try this, or hit up any of the other threads for this. I’ve seen the topic come up at least once a month for ages.


Thanks :grin:

Lol thanks al