I have very little friends in the occult and no one to talk about the occult without seeming out of my mind. PM me if you’re interested in being my friend, I use steam/discord!





Why not post in the “friendship” thread?


Didn’t know there was a thread for that, thanks!

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What DF is bananaing? :rofl: :joy::sweat_smile:

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I didn’t know there was a friendship thread, should check it out too.

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Play what ?

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We discourage people trying to draw others to a Discord server, those almost always end up in a big load of drama and fights etc., which then comes here and usually results in a few bans, so…

Meet local people: Where Is Everybody From?

Best way to chat casually, drop in and out when needed so if you’re away for a few days, so not any big burden of obligation about coming back on: That Moment When 8: Remembering the Fallen


how do i pm?

You need to reach a certain level of activity before the system unlocks the ability to PM. Your profile is still at “basic” level, and it has to reach “member” before PMs unlock. You’re probably pretty close now so as long as you remain active, and it should unlock any time.


ok thanks

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i play various, warthunder, doom eternal, skyrim, deus ex, arma 3, scp: sl, ace combat, etc

Can I meet you

I dont even have gaming pc

I Just watch cut scene on yt

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me too

Nope, sorry. :slight_smile:

So u do the same thing

Watch videos on yt

I just feel that I have those products

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i play games on mobile. but choice is very limited; codm, codm or codm :joy:

yep :grin: