Free tarot readings :)

I don’t mind

Mostly future please

Right now, there’s a masculine, controlling energy that is being expressed, by you or someone else.

In the future, you’ll have to move on despite past scars and wounds, maybe try not to be so jaded as to not let people so close to you. Learn from your experiences, don’t let them hold you down.

I would like something related to my personal career please as well

I dont know if you counted me, but I want the tarot reading of the intention s of a spirit of possible. To clarify

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In the past, there was some sort of sacrifice, or maybe you had to take a new perspective, or walk on an unusual path. (hanged man)

Now, you are in a position where you need or want to protect something. Keep your wits about you, try not to be overprotective (IV pentacles)

In the future, you’ll find that your relationships (or a certain special one) will be in a time of prosperity!

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Hey you’re accurate :grinning: there is a lot I am keeping a secret of what my family doesn’t know of and there is something I do need and planning for my future, thank you!

Very spot on! Thanks!!

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In the past, you had to move on. Maybe it wasn’t easy, but walking away from a situation was what you did. (VIII cup)

Now, and I’m so sorry for you, but you seem to be in a rough time. It might be because of this breaking apart, or something else, but it’s difficult regardless. (VI)

But things will get easier, and in the future you’ll find your resolution. End of a journey, and that’s for the best. Maybe you’ll find something that truly makes you happy, like your one “true” vocation or love! Or maybe the release of freedom will be enough (The World)

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Please could my reading be a private one please and not on the thread

Now, you need time to rest. Take a step back, recuperate and find out your next plan of attack, sleep on something. MAybe this is not what you need, or you’re approaching this wrong. (IV sword)

Luck is on your side. What is best, will happen. Just let it fall where it may, (wheel of fortune)

Err… You might not like this card. VIII of cups, walking away from a relationship or situation. Maybe you’re better off without them, or you need a break, but it’s time to step away.

I pulled two cards on accident! Try figure out which apply, both or one or the other. I personally think both.

Work together with people on a project, maybe get others to help you change your life. Whether they be physical or spiritual. (III pentacles)

Also, there may be a new opportunity for love, or a developed love in a raw form. It’s overflowing, or will be! This will help you. (ace cup)

Hey, could I get something career oriented? And maybe if there’s something important I should focus on right now c:

I’d love some reading in this areas of my life please:

My future in my present place of work
Is Mmesoma likely to be my future wife? If yes ok but if no how do I know when I meet my twin flame.
Is my dad’s spirit peaceful where he is now
Is the business I’m planning to start by month end going to be profitable
What’s Esther’s thought about me
Is there any ancestral spirit disturbing my family, if yes what will likely appease it to leave us alone.

Pls pardon me for this long request. They are what bothers me right now