Free tarot readings :)


I’ll tell you what time it is, I am considered enough of a member (I’ve been here for three months) to give out TAROT READINGS!


Oooookay. So I can;
-Read the past, present, and future
-Give advice
-Read someone’s intent
-Read your relationship with a person
-Give you insight of strengths and weaknesses
-Honestly do a whole lot I can’t even think of, just ask.

What info do I need from you? Absolutely nothing. Just throw a message in here!

Let the chaos begin.



I’m interested, Max.
I’ll pm

Yes please. I will PM.

@Maxwell can you do spirit channeling with the Taro if that’s okay?

Hello! I would like a reading :slight_smile: Can you do a love reading and tell me what’s in store for me? @Maxwell

can you give me a general reading?

i pm you bro :smiley: hope you can give me free tarot read thank you, have nice day

I would like a reading of the present please.

A general reading and a reading on how is my magic development ??
Tips and advice too, please

I’m interested in past, present, & future :blush:

I’m very interested. Present + Future

Yes please!

Can I have one please? :slight_smile:

Frick. No one PM me, please! If you want to be PMed, request it. I wanna go through this thread like a list and if you DM me it gets outta hand.

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Imma DM you

whirrs chainsaw angrilly

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May I have a reading please, for past, present and future? :grinning:

I need one please…