Free readings using the Quareia Deck [Closed for new requests, backlog in progress]

General reading; Layout of the Four Directions:
Asking Aryaa’s Guides: “What do you want to make Aryaa aware of at this time?”

  1. Center: The Subject. “Inspiration”
    A waterfall of creative inspiration is present or coming, and it’s source is deeper than your own mind. You have the opportunity to bring forth something new to the world. This is a great card for a mage to get.

  2. East: Initiation. Spring. “River of Dreams”
    Considering the subject, and that this card can indicate you are working magickally in your sleep, the feeling here is that dreams are a good medium for the flow of this inspiration. If you don’t have much dream recall, this might be a good time to work on that, to keep a dream journal.

  3. South. Future, Work, Summer. “Seclusion”
    “Wait and be still.” I read this as "let it flow: it doesn’t need to be forced.

  4. West. Home, Ageing, Legacy, Autumn. “Sol”
    The sun. This warm energy is balancing the cool energy of water. It represents a reserve of power, at a time when light is waning. The feeling here is “persistence”.

  5. North. Ancestors, Death, The Past. Winter. “Magical Temple”
    A structure to house magickal efforts, but in the past. In this position it says you might be holding on to outdated forms and necessary dressing, which is restricting your progress and can be safely let go.

  6. Union. Biggest Influence on the subject, Relationships, Input. “Inner Librarian”
    This card says you would benefit from working with the Inner Librarian, an entity that resides in the Inner Library, can indicate a new phase of learning assisted by Inner guidance.

Overall I’m reading that your guides are excited to work with you. They warn against over reliance on external techniques and structures that prejudice you against their teachings and unexpected new insipred knowledge that comes from deep inside you, and encourage you to trust your intuition and let your creativity out.

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If you’re accepting readings, I would like to ask two questions.

Am I right when I channel my gnosis from myself?

Also, is it true that I am the only one in all of existence alive and conscious? Actually existing?

I’ve added you to the list. Just be aware my track record of getting a round to it is appalling and you’re number 66 and I’m on number 32 :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. lol. I will hear about this one day. :laughing:


I forgot about this thread lol…did we ever do my reading? I honestly don’t remember lol

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You have slot number 46 in line.

I’m going to close this for now. No more adds until the backlog is cleared. But the post stays open in case anyone wants to feedback on hier reading, for which I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

I’m probably going to shuffle the backlog based on BALG activity: there’s not much point doing readings for people not here to see them, so those who are here the most and the most active will get moved to the front of the line. This is info I get from tapping the Avatar in thread. So it’s less first come first served now as, who is actually around…

For example, despite being chronologically earlier in line, this person:

will be read after this person:

Because the 2nd person posted a week ago and has also been reading the forum more.


O was curious… I’ve had so much going on of late, that I totally forgot if you done a reading or not lmao. The joys of parenthood.

I’d like to reciprocate in some way when my divination skills are a little better.


This is very spot on with my current life situation. Thank you so much for the reading :heart:

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