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man, i think you did not read his last comment, he is having exams, so i would suggest chill for a bit, hopefully once he is done with his exams, he will comment here about continuing his readings for others, then you can go ahead and ask. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sorry, I am impatient! I didn’t mean any disrespect…


its all good, not saying you are disrespecting, thought i should just let you know, that is all. :slight_smile:


Thanks. X


I’m fucking bad at this kind of thing :unamused: I’m sure that if I became a professional tarologist I will have more success. In short, the things I reviewed got messed up, the things I did at no revisions, I got there. The paradox of my existence.

@Davyboi No problem asks your question (I understand your impatience, but there, there are a few people before you :thinking: and I had seen your first messages, no worries).

Well, I resume the draws, so see you later.


Hi :raising_hand_man:
From what I could draw, no one seems to be watching you or connecting to you in any way, however, the pendulum was back and forth in both directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise), so someone must be hesitant to do so.
Already I start by saying, that what I see of your evolution isn’t an immutable future, it will be the future that will happen to you if you will not do anything to change it. In other words, if I didn’t foresee it, that would have happened… yeah I know, like that it looks like I’m a prophet.

So here is your reading :

Just before, I take the opportunity to say that I change my way of interpreting cards, my way to do it was too academic (from my point of view) ; so now I do not interpret the cards one by one but together, it makes more sense to me. And as I begin to master the Oracle of the Triad, I do not need any more book help.
Like that, at first sight, it looks like a good draw, but in reality it’s a double-edged sword (it’s a French expression, I don’t know if it exists in English).

Draw order of the cards : Soul, Seal, Birth, Lightning, Root.

The first card expresses where you are now spiritually. Here, she tells us that you realize yourself as a soul and that you take your spiritual flight, a certain independence begins to appear on your side and as we can see on the card, you fly from the ground, from where you should be “hooked” It’s good and bad, I’ll explain it later. As for the next card, the seal, it tells us that you are going to want to come into contact with entities, spirits, divinities (may even be thinking about it already. That can also be on the sentimental plane), for a pact or something like, that to make you even evolved, and gave birth to a project, or to a being (the card : Birth). However, as we can see, the card of lightning breaks this synergy of evolution. There, the card of the lightning comes in savior, this a saving chaos that will arrive in your life. This birth (whether of a project, a child, etc.) that we talked about previously will probably upset your life, and will make you suddenly question yourself :
"What did I miss? I progressed so well... "
It’s usually a card that predicts a depression, but it would seem to be beneficial to you. As can be seen on the card, the lightning destroys everything except the base of the pillar, the root of the pillar. And this card, is in full agreement with the final card, the one called : Root. This depression will open your eyes, because you will realize one thing: To want to exist and evolve as a soul is good, but we must not forget where we come from. Here is your problem, telling you that humanity is restrained because of its carnal envelope, you don’t go to the bottom of you, while all the answers are there.
The Root card invites you to look on the side of the earth, whether by meditation, gardening, fishing, family, etc., everything that you hang up on this place made of matter that is the Earth :earth_americas: The Root card evokes it very clearly, the roots of the tree are at the top, and the leaves at the bottom: The roots are as important as the leaves. Just look at a tree, most of the time, its roots take up as much space as its leaves.

I think that all the spirits will tell you, if we exist in the flesh, it’s essential to exist in the flesh, because that’s what we are.
This is a draw where I asked the oracle to predict your evolution over a period of average time, but unable to know how long exactly.

I hope I helped you, for my part it was a long run and a long translation :smirk:


Greeting :ok_hand:
Here is the draw, simple question, simple answer :

Order of the reading : Papyrus, Adversary, Penance.
The Papyrus card is a card that is very related to professional success, it can evoke a trip, and here why not a spiritual journey. In other words, Lucifer takes information on your senses, he’s “learning” on it, so as to make them evolve and to make you them evolve more easily :ok_hand:
The other two cards are the voice to follow to perfect your senses. As you can see, we come across two negative cards.
It’s necessary that you face the difficulty, even to someone where something that wants you badly ; it’s often in the danger that one reveals our greatest force.
As for the other advice, the oracle tells you to show honor, if you lost, you lost, accept punishment, the “pain” and the sentences forge the soul :upside_down_face:

Thank you for being here.


Hello :slight_smile:
According to my pendulum, no, you didn’t miss any message from Lucifer, but maybe you misunderstood some, the pendulum seemed to be hesitant at first.
I drew a card of the oracle Belline hoping that it gives me a tip to avoid misunderstandings between you and Lucifer but I drew a card difficult to understand.
The Penates :


She usually says that one must remain calm and serene when it happens. In other words, do not be careful and take your time, it is surely why some of Lucifer’s message seems so strange, because you have misunderstood, and suddenly you have trouble taking them seriously.

It’s over :no_good_man:


Hi !
No, sorry, you seem to be on the wrong spiritual path, the pendulum turning suddenly and loud enough, which is a very rare thing :sweat_smile: The pendulum must have said to itself says : “Hell no, he’s not on the right path!” ; on the other hand, yes, you seem to have results even though your life path is not the right one.

I received from the Oracle of the Triad a very strange advice for you, but a piece of advice anyway, here is the card in question :


She tells you to pay more attention to money, amassing wealth do not make you a horrible human being, but just someone aware of his needs. Maybe to amass a certain fortune would bring you some things spiritually, but I admit that this advice leaves me a little thoughtful.

I hope I helped you î_î


Hi :smirk:
Yes, the pendulum has clearly answered: yes. I can’t really know when, but I asked him the question: […] found love in the near or medium future.
The tarot gives you two tips (breathe :hushed:) :

I tell you to breathe because generally, when people see one of these two cards they panic, and there, both come out in the same reading. These are the two cards that are the least appreciated with the House God.
So here, the advice that gives you these two cards is to accept the revival, do not be afraid of it, even to renew oneself by a new dress style, terminate relationships, relocate, etc., at wholesale , to leave in the optimistic perspective that to start again is a part of the life.
The second card say to you : be charismatic and try to “be first”, even if for that you must cheat, from the moment that some people listen to you, the others will follow, and this kind of person has a magnetic aura and attractive.

I finished for you :slight_smile:


Hello Leoh :slightly_smiling_face: are you still doing readings or do you have enough to do?I don’t want to impose on your time.


@OceanLabyrinth I still accept readings, I try to move quickly so it’s not a problem. So ask your question, but you’ll have to wait :+1:


Bless you, Leoh, you are very kind for taking the time to do this for eveyone!

I am literally brand new to the Left Hand Path, barely a fortnight old, and trying to find my bearings and study who is who on this path (there is so much and it’s overwhelming as much as it is intriguing!), and it appears to have happened out of the blue. I didn’t even know there was a term called the Left Hand Path (or the Right Hand Path for that matter) 14 days ago that’s how asleep I was!

I want to know if I am on the right course spiritually and is there anyone who is looking out for me whilst going down this path? And is there any traits or powers I should be pursuing in my spiritual journey that will help me grow stronger in confidence? Hope that is not too many questions? I’ve never had a LHP reading before. I’m looking forward to it.

Bless you again :pray:


Thank you for your time and insight!


Interesting it do contradicts results, readings and guidence i got myself, but that makes this even more interesting.
This to me means that perhaps i should evaluate my work a little, simply not being on the right path can mean so much so its not necessary a bad thing but a advice to correct some things.
I will also think about the advice that to do ring some bells for me.

Its interesting how your interpretation is since when i read it it strike on some points in my mind that is connected to it but not necessary how you percive them but then that might be for the reason i can easier connect some dots since i know my situation where you must interpretate the signs and not having the abillity to know what i know.
Really appreciate the reading thank you very much. (:slight_smile:


i kinda feel bad for asking but did you miss my question…?


same here, but i am still waiting, lets trust him :slight_smile:


@VioletLotus & @joelcyn
This question: “will my ex and i progress romantically together?” or another question ?
If it’s this one, no, I’ve seen it, but I need time. There is an order of passage. I pass first those who asked first.
You also need to know that other people come to me asking for reading directly by message, so sometimes it seems that I do nothing when in fact I do it for other :


oh okay. sorry if i upset you or anything…


Glad you like the reading :grinning: I don’t really have any explanation as to why two divinatory results come into conflict, but from what I learned from my grandfather, it’s never good to draw the cards for yourself, or to do any divinatory works for yourself ; we are always hoping for a particular result, and that hope influences the given result and can therefore prevent tarot, oracle or pendulum from giving their true answer or message.
After it is also possible that it was me who was not sensitive enough compared to the map, and who also made me miss my reading.