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Hello :smirk:
I’m coming back today after closing my post a month ago. I said I was ready to help people in need if he came to ask me. So I come back with the same intention. Of course I’m human, so it can sometimes take time, especially with the work I have to do for the University. Be prepared to wait a bit (I usually try to do it fast enough, as soon as I have a quiet time).
To be clear in my intentions, I do this to :

  • Progress on my life path ;
  • To train has used my psychic and spiritual abilities ;
  • Help those who ask (because I’m kind and I love you :lips:).

So you can ask me questions of any kind, usually there are 4 types of questions :

Professional ; Affectionate ; Financial ; Spiritual.

Well, in general terms, arranged the question as you wish.
The questions that I can answer with Yes or No, I usually answer with the pendulum and I add clarifications with the tarot or one of my oracles. Otherwise for the rest I let you choose which deck you prefer (I will try one day to draw the cards with a Yu-Gi-Oh deck :thinking: Forget this).
Here is my material :

Starting from left to right : Tarot of Marseille ; Oracle Belline ; Oracle of the Triad.
As you can see, I also have a “normal” card deck with a dice, I can also draw the cards with, but he miss a card so I will not be able to do it now, I have to buy one. And i’m fucking poor :smirk: Some gems to help me concentrate, my dear and sweetest pendulum (and the candle that I rarely use).

That is all. I let you tell me which deck suits you best, think about your questions and come see me :kissing:



Can you tell me if Lucifer accepted the ritual/pact I asked from him. If you can, thank you.

Yes :slight_smile: no problem, I’m doing this to you.

Thank you.

Can you see how am I spiritually right now? Like how I’ve grown and my current power and maybe how I should/will improve in the future?


I would also like to know what my current spiritual condition is and I would like to know what I can do to develop my psychic abilities or move onto the next level.
I would greatly appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should I move to place J or place P?

Is there any spirit helping me right now or they’re not interested at the moment??

I would love to know how I’m progressing spiritually as well, but most pressing question I have at this moment is - is there someone around me who might be watching me/connecting with me through magic?
Would be much appreciated.

So, to answer your question, I received a small yes from the pendulum :smirk: Which means that this is not seen much or not yet, it’s probably because of that, that you asked me question, isn’t it?
I accompanied this by asking the cards what their advice was for this pact with Lucifer to be fruitful. I choose the Belline and the card drawn was : The Discovery :telescope:

Be dynamic and inclined to communication, the exchange will allow you a lot of things in the heart of your spiritual quest. While remaining lucid and controlling your emotions, you will enjoy this deal with Lucifer.


Thank you friend. I am very excited to be working with Lucifer. And I hope your spiritual journey and knowledge become very great. One day hopefully you will be among the top sorcerers.

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what does lucifer do with my senses?

and what i must to do perfect them

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Thank you and good luck in your spiritual growth :raising_hand_man: I hope the same for you !


Hello :raising_hand_man: and yes, I can. I can even see what energy frequency you has, but it’s still something else (using the pendulum). For this kind of question I prefer to use the tarot of Marseille, I will add maybe one or two advice with Oracle.


Sounds great thank you!!

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I was wondering if you could tell me if there is anything Lucifer is saying that I’m missing. I tend to question what getting.

Hello If you can answer me alittle that would be great, allways nice to have a second opinion, If your result is the same as mine that confirmed that im on the right track and it gives practice for you win-win(:slight_smile:
Since starting following the lhp 1 year ago alot of insight and knowledge has come for me, and i have a plan ahead and follow it as it maya out for me, thi ha have a tendency to fall into place so i wounder am i on the right path for me spiritualy and and am i getting correct resulta or should i change something.

will i have a gf in the future?

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Where am I spiritually? How come I’m not hearing from Lucifer and Bune?


A friend of mine has told me that the egyptian god set,has alot to offer me in both knowledge and ability. I want to know if this is accurate,

Side question,would you consider doing readings for a fee? More questions I want to ask you? If so,what is your contact info?

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