Free Reading - Only for nice people!



No no, you can ask Lucifer to bless me î_î it was my grandparents who educated me, so I got their religious beliefs when i young, but they always let me believe what seemed to me the most adequate to my person. So no problem :slight_smile:

@NewBiez , I will do that … but there will be waiting î_î


No issues @Leoh. I commented yesterday on this post. You might have missed it accidentally, so I commented again :slight_smile:


Indeed, I didn’t see it ‘-’ After I do not answer necessarily everyone. I’m just answering when I finish a reading, so you’ll have less time to wait.


Thank you @Leoh


Alright. Will I be able to learn guitar in the next couple months


Will Bucon and Norath complete the tasks I asked of them?


Would you do me the favour of giving me a reading please.


It would be much appreciated


Alright, but an advice here: do not overload yourself, right?

Good Job and good luck on your path. See ya.


I allow myself to take breaks, I usually do between 3 and 5 reading per day, again the longest is the translation. Today I was a little tired so I did not do too much. In general, I stop when it’s too much, but for the moment, people are just going to have to wait.


Thank you so, so much! This gives me direction to go on which was gravely needed😚


I’ve literally never seen someone do reading for “everyone” for free… :open_mouth:

You really are kind… :blush:

Hope you’re kindness comes back to you as multiple blessings!! :grin:

Ps: I have this new spirit lover… It honestly doesn’t even feel new.

I know he is a demon… But I wanna be sure.

If you can may you please find out his name and his characteristics personality wise?

If you have time to do this I am forever grateful… If you can’t I totally understand.



Hello :smirk: Thank you for the compliments.
I can know his personality, but I will don’t know all the subtleties (the cards can give me some information on the past of the mind, but it is rare) . This kind of draw looks like that (draw made for someone who was wondering who his guardian demons were) :

There, we don’t see it, but there are two rows of cards, one to know the nature of the entity / spirit, the other to have more precision. Only drawback : it’s an extremely long reading, and there are just thirty people before you. So there will be a little waiting :thinking:




Thanks for the information. I’ll partly do my research.



i don’t know if you are still doing readings :slight_smile: but i would highly appreciate one :slight_smile:
Can you tell me if Azazel accepted the ritual/pact I asked from him. (that he firstly told me about in my dream) ?


For those who ask the question : Yes. I still doing reading, but tomorrow I have my exams for the University, so I prefer to revise than do the reading.
I will resume tomorrow night, I will try to do 5 reading at once.


Hope you do great on exams!!:grin:


Hello, can I have a reading please?


how was your exam?? @Leoh


Reading anyone? Please.