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Hey I was just wondering if you forgot me :joy: Take your time though ik this must be a lot for you


No, no problem :no_good_man: I just let you know, that’s all. If I really did, I wouldn’t take the time to answer

@dagar Ok dude :smirk: I think I’ll say it for everyone : I don’t forget anyone.
The only time you can tell me that I forgot you is when I’ve forgotten you.
In these cases it will be an error on my part and I will settle quickly the problem :+1:
Well… you were one of the first to ask, but you deleted your message, so I wonder if I made you before everyone else.


No i agree that reading on once own part may be influence by a desired outcome and thats Why i dont use a pendelum for myself since i know perfectly Well that its easy to influence it, its harder i would say with a tarot deck seeing as you shuffle it by feel but the ofc the interpretation is where the desire comes into play again. If one can distance oneself from the desire and only focus om the question there should be no problem thou but then thats not the easiest thing to do.
Well i wouldnt say they come into conflict it may aswell be me that interpretate things wrong.
I did lay a reading for myself after this, couldnt stop myself and that result shows me that my goal/outcome will be profitable for me but unbalances now is preventionen me from it.
Its sound advice and i will need to look over things and try balancing all out.
Again Thanks so much.


Ah that makes sense. I will ask another question then. What does this year hold for my music career a


Love those pyramids. I will reread this thread as I’m really interested in your tools and how you use them.



That is unbelievably accurate as to what I’m experiencing right now…all of it. I feel insights are coming in like bolts of lightning, which can be incredibly overwhelming. I’ve actually told myself over the last couple of days to just “take a break and breathe”. Breathe, meditate, learn and allow myself to experience the healing that’s taking place. I’ve definitely had a strong need to ground myself. Thank you very much. I will keep this reading close to me as a reminder and a guide.


Hello, Leoh!

I’m still struggling a little juggling the physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of my life. I don’t want to ignore my emotional needs, but lately I feel like satiating them is dominating incredible amounts of my time. In particular, I’ve begun participating in Discord communities and I’m having incredible difficulty tearing myself away. I’m definitely enjoying myself, but I also want to make sure I’m progressing in my long term goals and plans.

What advice does the cards have?


Why does it seem like doors just keep closing on me despite working hard to dig out of a slump?


I feel like a big change is about to occur in my life both spiritually and in the physical world.

Can you tell me anymore about that ?


wow!, thank you very much :smiley:, it´s a nice boost for my self-steem reading that


Haha, I must not be a nice person.


Hello :raising_hand_man:
After a little waiting, here is your draw for your spiritual situation :

:warning: Prepare your buttocks, it’s a reading a little rough and cold, but it’s the message delivered by the cards.

Card drawn : Illusion & Error.
The cards speak for themselves, but I will try to be more descriptive. You are apparently in a phase where you are evolving spiritually, but not so much. Yet you seem to lie to yourself by telling yourself that you are on the right road, while deep inside you know that you should take another road, but you do not know which one. The fact is that instead of really blooming you, you stagnate at a level of your ascencion, certainly you evolve, but compared to what you could do, it’s almost nothing :confused:
This way of thinking and doing things seems to lead you straight to an abyss that might be called universal error. As can be seen on the error card, Cain is shown in close-up. If you do not know who knows, I’ll let you know, he’s the first son of Adam (in Genesis [Bible]), and after jealousing his brother Abel, he killed him. That’s where all men’s problems come from all the problems of men (according to the 3 monotheistic religions), whether it is the thought of killing or doing evil, of wanting to reach the rank of God, etc. In short, this card shows us that you seem to be moving towards a path that will definitely end badly, not necessarily by the death of someone or something, but the result of your behavior will give a bad thing :upside_down_face:

For the second question, I drew the cards with the oracle Belline, the card came out is : Change.


Obviously the fact that you do not hear Lucifer and Bune comes from the fact that there is a lot of sudden change in your life, and that make stress in you or something like that. So the communication with you is scrambled. Wait until the end of the storm.

It’s done !


Good morning Leoh would you do a reading for me please. Thanks.


Good morning Leah - could you do a reading for me please?

I would like to know:

Will my one true love come back to me in the next three months?

Will I get the job I am interviewing for in January?

Thank you.


Hi :slight_smile:
The pendulum clearly and strongly answered : Yes ; the egyptian god set will bring you a lot. I took the opportunity to have two examples what it could bring you, and that’s what it gives (I chose the oracle of the triad for that because it has a very strong Egyptian identity) :

Interesting draw, we see that there are two cards with a lot of empty and a white dot in the middle. Nadir is an Arabic term that is the opposite of Zenith, so this card tells us something dark, often bad, but with the sense of the question, it tells us more about : black magic. When to the map of Desert, it will teach you to emptyness your mind and allow you to enjoy solitude.

For the side question, I’m afraid I misunderstood for “a few” or “a” fee" ? :thinking: For “a few”, yes, and for “a fee”, yes, but not now. I’m not yet a professional, and I may never know, after all depends on what everyone thinks of my work, maybe it will allow me to do my job. I don’t think I could give you my coordinates like that, it seems to me that it’s forbidden by the rules of the forum… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I hope I helped you :slight_smile:


Yes, just ask your question, and I’ll answer it when I put the few people before you :upside_down_face:


I will answer your message a little later; I will explain what my material is and why this particular :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, even though you are not a professional. I would pay for your services.

My next question is this.

I am informed that babalu aye wants to help me and work with me. That he wants to help in a big way.that he is connected to me by blood and culture.

I want to know if this is true and in what ways do you see this changing my life?


this one “heyyy, when i can reach financially stable and do i have spirit who protect me? thanks”

thanks :slight_smile:


When you get your time can you ask them what work I have with Hephaestus?