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Thanks so much!


Hi :raising_hand_man:
From what I saw on one of your topic, your ex is close to your heart, well I’ll try to see where it leads me.

Cards draw : Sorry & Key.
The Forgiveness card lets me think that one of you has made a mistake that has upset the other, and this error is the cause of your breakup, I imagine that it was rather you who made this mistake because you still want to be with him. Apparently, your ex will throw water on the fire, raise the white flag and find peace. Things will be “flat”, everything will be to rebuilt, but that requires a discussion.
The card of the key show a solution to your problem is going to be found, so yes, normally you will progress romantically. You just have to dig to find this solution, not necessarily through magic, I personally use it very little, I think that if we do everything by magic we prevent ourselves from progressing as a human. The discussion, the excuses, going on a short trip, changing the ideas, all that are ideas that can help find this solution to your problem. But we must not forget that if there is a key, there must be a door.

I hope I helped you î_î


Could you pull three cards please, 1. Representing the presence of the four Queen’s of Hell in my life. 2. The presence of Samael in my life 3. Their message for me right now.

Thank you, I’d really appreciate it.


hé léo, j’espère que ta journée se passe bien et que tu es très doué avec les cartes


wow! :smile: :blush: :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: yes this helped a lot! and provided some insight. thanks so much!!


Dear Leoh

I don’t think you have managed to do my reading. If I have missed it, forgive me!

I asked whether my love would come back to me before Easter. And whether I would get the job in January.

I would be most grateful if you could do my reading.

Thanking you.



Sorry, but as I noted in a message just above, for the moment I don’t take new reading :writing_hand:


Thank you for replying Leoh.


For you it’s Ok, you asked before I stopped reading, so no problem î_î


Again, thank you for taking the time to reply.

It is appreciated.


Can you please tell me if Lucifer hears me when I talk to him, and if he believes I am spiritually ready to work with him?

Thank you kindly


Apologies. I did not see your message above closing down the readings :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


hes not accepting new readings bc hes kinda booked


Oh I’m so sorry I should have read before I asked. Thank you for telling me though.


its cool. just keep updated for when hes accepting more


Thanks for responding, sorry I didn’t notice


Hi :sneezing_face:
Just to start, I’m sick, so the reading was a little late.
Here your reading :

From what I could see, you’re in a more stable situation now than some time ago, you can breathe a bit more and that gives you more time to do magic, and so on. You feel safer, it is a balance that favors the arrival of money and therefore stabilizes the financial situation, and it happens in the present, so at this moment something around you could help you, keep your eyes open.
In the past you have apparently had to make sacrifices on a personal level, probably in relation to the family. The card can also say that your problems have led you to drink a lot of alcohol, to be alcoholic if you can say that.
In the future, it will be more difficult to have a stable financial situation, because you will be in a period of atonement, you will try to forgive you something for yourself. Or you will have to pay fees or taxes … That’s how I feel.

The pendulum replied that one or more entities protect you, I drew a card of the oracle of the Triad to have more precision and the energy is warm enough and benevolent, she tries at the same time tried to you learn something (initiation card).

I hope I helped you.


Hello :raising_hand_man:
No need to answer the first question, the tarot answered at the same time as the second, so yes, you will meet someone.
Here is the reading :

You could meet this person in a cold and calm place, the justice card could even make us think that you will meet her during a trial, but I don’t wish that for you :+1: You could also meet this person thanks to an acquaintance for a friend who is usually quite cold, or critical, or even judgmental.
Physically it would be someone pretty “crazy”, she could have a very particular style and have a lifestyle that might seem strange to you, she would be a kind of electron that sprint in all directions. At the level of the personnality, it would be a person who does not ask too much question, for it all will be well, and even if things are not going well, things will go. It would be the kind of woman who has a warm charisma, with whom we stay without knowing why.

I hope this will help you.


Good day! Would you read me please? @Leoh


Hello î_î
Sorry, as I noted above for the moment, I stop taking readings, I already have many, but I will resume later :+1: