Free psychic and aura readings

Hello, i couldn’t do an aura reading since the picture is not recent, the aura of 2 years past is not the same as today but i have tried a prophetic-intuitive reading that i practice currently i hope it make sense… if not tell me i will see what i can do.

"The future is clouded in mystery yet there is light if you will seek it. The accomplishment you are seeking is there in front of you, open your eyes and you will see. Open your ears and you will hear. Never become the closed soul that never accepts anything. In your heart is the light let it shine and the darkness will clear away."

:smile: :smile: :smile: Please give me your feedback because i am so excited to make this form of reading successful, so i expect all the feedback.
Be blessed,
H. A. Adam

Hi, can you read me ?:slightly_smiling_face: