Free psychic and aura readings

Hello there, so i want to perform some readings on people who may be interested.

There are two readings that i will do,
1. Picture reading; A person who may need this reading will send a recent photo of himself/his palm of any hand or any other person that you may need for me to read. Send only one picture.

2. Aura reading. I will read your aura and will do my level best to interpret what i saw. For aura reading you send your recent picture.

How to choose the reading;
Choose between picture reading/ aura reading and request only one. I will read only one type of reading for a single person. All the readings will take place here on the thread, I WONT READ ANYONE ON PM.

My ability is to read at least three people once in a week, so i’m planning to keep this thread running for some time.

How to request your reading
send your picture, a name (i may prefer a real name even a single one or any other that connects with you but it should be good one, please dont insert name like @lustgirl or @bigdaddy etc

Looking forward to hear from you guys!!


Hello! May i participate in this? :slightly_smiling_face: I would like an aura reading

picture picture

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Hi I want one

Hmm I’d like a picture reading of my hand, my name is Helena obviously. :relieved:


Hi can I get one please :smiley:.picture sent .


my name is Ashkan. I hope picture is ok😓


For my aura reading, I’m sending u a palm pic
Hope it helps!

Thank you!!


I’d like the aura reading,

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1 picture reading please.

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Hello there, I would like a reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like a aura reading if your still doing them

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I sent you a private message

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One palm reading pls
My name is Monica

picture - 2020-11-15T093207.446
could i have a palm reading please? thank you :slight_smile: my name is nicole

May I have an aura reading please? My name is Lee. And i’m half asleep lmao


My name is Kyle, may I please get a picture read?


My name is D’Marcus.

Thanks in advance!


It’d be interesting to get a picture reading. I’m Arianna.


I am interested please