Franz Bardon Step 8 and The Practice of Magical Evocation



@Dinmiatus You’re right, I should focus on doing the work … I wanted to know if there were other possibilities, other practical ways, other ways of doing it


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there are a lot of systems and they each have their merits. The bigger question would be which system connects with you starting out. Figure that out and drink deep. Old lesson i learned is intensity beats ex-tensity every time.

Find a system that looks like you could put in the foundation work for then if after you have that foundation if you feel the pull to branch out into currents do it. But build the foundation first it can seem time consuming and tedious but it is worth it. Regardless of what you build without a good foundation the structure will collapse in time. So make your foundation STRONG.


You’re welcome. I’m always willing to help a fellow brother or sister in magick.


Do you remember which video this is? I’ve searched thru a lot of his videos on youtube so far but haven’t found it yet.


I began reading this book. Franz Bardon truley is a MASTER.


For over 20 years now, I’ve used and trained in the development of ALL (3) Books now! I have had great success! But it didn’t go easy at first. I later discovered, when training to use the works of Dr. Frazn Bardon that, there were some hidden codes in his work, especially in the first book IIH! And that some of the work was indeed over cryptic in a system of BELIEFS as many so called (RIGHT HAND PATH) Adepts were. But this was only to keep out the nut jobs, and force those whom had no passion or fortitude to put in the time without making any PACTS!
But, what I can tell you is this. once you make up to Step (8) it really does matter if you need any SPIRIT for that time on to do your “BIDDING” once one master the powers of the Fluids energies, and the Currents in which ALL entities are controlled by and that a FACT! Once you capable of creating the (Electro- Magnetic Orb) it will be your PERMANENT and Complete Halo of Orb of Power stationary over your head for life drawing power out of the Akashic realm, the dark energy of the GODS!

Understand, This is the real hidden secret of what the Egyptians Gods & Goddess had just above their heads! And moreover, it was the root of their Raw or (RA POWER) source with out end. When this is done, you will be in the GOD STATE! And all the spirit world will known it, and that’s a fact. Knowledge will be freely given, your on the same playing field now. I know this personally, anything that anyone else could of done, may have done, can do or even had done, will past away and you will lose the trill of Other Occult Books after this happens. You now will have the power, to became a walking mystical Grimoire. Be warned you will have be careful for that moment on! And you will be watched from the moment you show promise!


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This so called “NEGATIVE ENTITIES” are what really should be termed as, (SINISTER BEINGS) that are of a roe violate nature toward humans, or what I can as, “Gangster” mindsets of the dark aspect of roe beings. This is what he real meant in this specific notion. I have encounter these particular spirit many times as some are wondering various realms.

Some are old ancient spirit of lost civilizations which once walked the earth, 3, to "400,000,000,00 million years ago! Moreover, these spirit beings can’t be subject to Reincarnation into the human race due to their destructive harmful nature to humanity. Some of these type dark lords, were GIANTS, as high as 30 to 40 stories or even higher!
Many are chained down in the underworld, and have no real a legion to order! Furthermore, most just want to be freed, and are hell damn bent, on the total and complete absolute destruction of ALL LIFE no matter where it is!


Hello Olympus, English is not my first language, I am still studying, I do not understand well when reading and translating your message, could you explain your answer please, thank you very much

As I understood … when you get to step 8 is it important or useful to make a pact?

So, when you get to Step 8, the "moral" that Bardon demands is not that important?

The use of the electromagnetic sphere is more free?

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Greeting once again Arnold.
As to your specific question on (Step 8) No you don’t have to make any pacts at all! Look, once you have reach this level, you would have your on powers and can generate or even, draw down the fluid energies which are MANIFESTED from out of your own Cosmic force, which is now build into the Astral & Akaskic Realm through your practise & your training!

You now will have the power, to draw power for these realms to control the very force used by the same spirit entitles, demon, angels, or other Gods and Goddesses use throughout TIME & SPACE! That right! Use the same energy it take to make a pact or cast a SPELL! Since I’ve be through the whole work, I can tell you, I have not once, had to MAKE A PACT! Once these spirits and or any entity, know what you have mastered, it pull the Damn covers off any hidden agendas, you are now compilable to use the Full Raw Powers in any realm without have it given to you! They will fear that and wonder after you achievements.

Also, you will be able to access you past incarnation once you reach this level, and become fully awaking and conscious of things you never know before. Moreover, you will have inside knowledge that will come to you from out of the Akashic Realm, it amazing. Spirits will volunteer spirits and other powerful beings will give information to you without you asking, just to have a conversation with you, it is a FACT!


The power that a magician can obtain with the Bardon system is incredible, but due to so many “threats” that I read from several bardonist, I believed that little or no freedom could have the magician when using his power at will.

Thank you very much for responding Olympus, and sorry for not understanding the first, I’m learning English, I’m new to the language as well as magic :sweat_smile:


Hey Arnold, I hope you doing well in you endeavour in the IIH work.
As to the work of (The IIH ) and the statement made in his information. Please understand, this information is re-edited and profoundly predispose to Hindu Principles, which was the case in the personal development of Dr. Bardon under Hindu Masters… Moreover, When Dr. Bardon created this work it was based on the original books of the Egyptians Emerald Tables of the (Kemetic Science,) in the realm of spirit soul ALCHEMY.

Furthermore, what I discovered in by many trials and errors, were to only keep to things you can control in your personal and spiritual life! This is what the so called (Soul Mirror) is real about. it about you and what you do, and how you believe about your self, and spirituality.

You see, I can only do what I can, to keep my heart and mind together, to ennoble my character, it is only based on my works with in the (the Steps) up (8). You see, Dr. Bardon statement were only to keep ones mentally, spiritually and physically active for the steps ONLY no matter how long it take you to reach each level in those steps!

As to the Akashic realm, when you make it pass the first step, which in it self, is the Akashic realm, you have successfully cast you first SPELL with in your own Microcosm. So in a sense, you have used the steps to cast a (COSMIC LEVEL SPELL) upon your self! This is what the step are, a master cosmic spell.

Each one of the steps are to connect your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies as one unfired body of magic, which is the complete alchemy of fluid energies of the four (4) elements, magnetic and electrical forces, of divine currents made in ALL MAGIC FORMS! This is in both masculine and feminine principals
That been said, I will be making videos on the IIH and my success I’ve had! And yes one more thing, you can use it to help your self, or it useless even studying the work and putting in the time. The publisher did this to prohibit the users from using the information. Also, there are some MAJOR ERRORS in the work, as relation to the finger position of the hands, and how the element are formulated by this method.

And finally, there is one pillar of power, it’s not light of dark, this stuff was made up and created by the CHURCH OF ROME to control the mind of users so that they, could believe in the works of the Devil & and Divine angles, and good and evil, light and dark magicians “EST.”

This was only to make them the only source to power! So what we have is PACT MAKING in our time. Look, don’t get me wrong on this, it easier for some then it is for others, to choose a path of lease resistance! But, what I’ll say is, I keep what I made or shall make! And pay no a legions to any spirit, but only to gain hidden knowledge by them when I summon them.

                                          THE SECOND BOOK 

Now as to his second book, some of the spirits are in code, due to the dirty Publishers company changing the context of what the spirits are. For example, many of the Saturn spirits and Mars Entities and mixed up with each other. and some of the seal or not in connection to the pages linking them to the specific (spirit entities,) I have found many errors like this in the second book. and had spend mush time in the 1990’s re working this and finding the particular coding in connection to the spirits in the book. And finally, once you make to the (8th step,) you can create a “Cosmic Orb” emanating for out of your body directly for out of your AURA, YOU WILL NO LONG NEED TO DRAW CIRCLES ON THE GROUND EVER AGAIN, you just speak a word of command, and a Power Orb Manifest from coming out of you own aura!. I have found this quick and very effective when cast a Circle of Power without wasting time, I can than move on into any ritual magic, any where any place, any time!

Also, you can open any portal at willm to any realm without the need of special instruction, all you need is the spirit entity seal, and speak your on (Words of Power) for out of the Akashic realm, and open up the gateway to that world that you will have control over! So this so called DOGMA about (Light of Dark,) mean absolutely nothing, it all theatricals for the 1960’s and word play, so many can were all BLACK, and that’s what the Church, and other religion wants, you identifying your self by a titles they give you 2000 thousand year ago! So in a sense, many practise this form of magic system, and not aware that the CHURCH IN ROME, has a back door deal with all the entities in all cult groups before they were ever formed. This is why, they don’t care of these other magic system, or cult groups, because they form them, and created them to control the masses in magic. peace.


Wow, thank you very much, your answer helps me a lot … I left a little confused certain statements about the “moral” that some bardonist explained, because the reality did not fit with their “dogma”

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Why thank you Arnold.