Foundation Books for Everybody

Hey, forummates!
I was looking through some books on Amazon, trying to expand my library, and I got to thinking - which books would you guys recommend as a Must Read for any practitioner? No matter their path and where they stand in terms of “Light and Dark”, “Left and Right”, and all that jazz - just basic, good foundation building reads.

I’m not only asking for myself, I think this would be a kool discussion for new, and seasoned practitioners alike, to come to, and find books they might have missed on their journey.

I’ll start with my favorite - The Kybalion. I will always recommend this book as the first book to read for anyone, looking to go down the spiritual path of magick. It’s short, easy to digest, and yet - it reveals more and more knowledge with each reread. Really helped me get into a sorcerer’s mindset.

The Gallery of Magick books are also easy to digest, and got some okay info for beginners, so most are worth a read, I believe.

More of a niche book I would recommend to people, interested in Vampirism, is M.Bellanger’s The Psychic Vampire Codex.

Share your thoughts on which books are an essential addition to a witch’s library, and if you do or don’t agree with my choices above. I’m by no means an experienced practitioner, so any criticism (when respectfully put) is welcome.

(sorry if there’s a topic like this - I found a few people asking for “personal” kind of advice and newbies, looking for recommendations, but not general overall good books for everybody in a single thread)

Cool beans. I’ll add this to the Book recommendations thread, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Not at all!

THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters from the author @C.Kendall

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