Forum Egregore

Does the forum have an official Egregore? I mean… I know it does, but like, does it have an Egregore that has been intentionally worked with and developed? Like does it have a name, a sigil, a common form it likes to manifest in.

Secondly, would I be breaking any rules or causing any problems if I worked with said Egregore? Do the owners of the BALG forum feel they have ownership over the Egregore like they have ownership over the physical forum? I don’t want to be stepping on any toes, especially as the owners are so gracious as to allow me to utilize the channels of communication they have built/cultivated.

While I know I could approach the Egregore directly and ask them, I also want to make sure the human side of the forum will not have any objections to the idea. If it is something I work with it would obviously be something that I would want to post about here publicly also.

And if there have been past experiments, or posts made in the past on this same topic I would love if someone could point me in that direction.


And the reason I know there is an Egregore here (despite that fact that all organizations like this have an egregore of some sorts) is because, after my initial 9 gatekeeper working (within EA’s system) I became connected to the astral-channels of the forum. Of which I have since cut myself off from. It was interesting at first but having other peoples thoughts from here trail into my mind was really annoying.


Yes, the forum has an egregore. EA and company don’t have anything to do with it, though. Lady Eva helped create him:

@Mulberry and I are the new forum moderators.


My apologies :rage: I dont know why I forgot it was you and Mulberry, I have seen your tag a million times.

I appreciate the links and info also :+1:


It’s all good, man :slight_smile:


I’ve worked with Mr Silvera a few times now, he LOVES company and has been emancipated so that he no longer “belongs” to Lady Eva and is a free spirit, literally, now :slight_smile:

I think he’d love to hear from you, or anyone friendly to BALG who wants to say Hi. :smiley: