For Those Who Lack Their Energy Or For Those Whose Energy Is Tainted

  1. most on this forum are LHP seekers and probably do not care about your problems. If I myself were an LHP seeker, I would say “Welco.e to the Left Hand Path. Now gwt your shit together and quit your bellyaching” but I am not a Left Handed seeker.

  2. you are being challenged to cultivate the virtues of a warrior: control, discipline, forbearance amd timing. Not to mention a relatively useful tyrant to test your mettle against. View this as a CHALLENGE.

  3. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE. This attitude of extreme personal responsibility is ESPECIALLY useful to the Left Handed Path. Consider this: if you get involved with psychic vampyrysm, you put yourself more at risk of getting mixed up with that sort. What do you intend to do aboht your current situation?

  4. Perhaps they DO NOT KNOW how to help you, due to lack of personal experience. If I had any real knowledge on the matter, I would do what I could to help you, but as such, I do not.

  5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Look up resources on the subject of psychic defense.
    Sorry I come off as harsh, but this is all I feel I can currently do to be of any assistance.

Once you have learned the proper methods of psychic defense, I suggest reading the complete works of Carlos Castaneda. Until then look up “The art of stalking” and the subject of “petty tyrants” in relation to Castaneda.

I wish I could help you further, but I can’t. Your are responsible for getting yourself out of this mess you put yourself in. Put on your big girl pants and clean up this mess.

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This bump at the perfect time in my life. It is such an old post of Conner’s too but he pretty much nailed what I am going through lately.

I would like to respectfully disagree with this both OP and I are LHP and offer help to others all the time. I mean heck OP is alway posting stuff and I do a lot of healing and chakra stuff… just saying.

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I get what your saying and yes that’s true I attracted this but I had no idea this kind of stuff even existed until I got attacked by one. I did nothing tow arrant an attack I just like the dude and he sent it to possess me. I’m looking for a way to bind this entity to someone else or something. I have been studying non stop for ten months to no avail. This entity is too powerful. And trust me I already pulled up my big girl pants a long time ago. I’m very tough but this almost killed me. U have no idea the amount of psychological trauma And energetic torture this is. Hopefully someone else will have better answers. Cause I’ve done everything I could think of. Even group magick to push them away. Anyone know how to remove a curse?

U have no idea what I been thru. I seen this entity manifest as the guy who sent it and start flying around my yard and tapping on my second story window. I been hospitalized three times. Almost died because I tried to kill myself to escape the torment.i need tips on feeding so I can feed back of this thing or him to make him stop.

Also I thought that’s what this forum was for exchanging ideas and helping eachother get where we wanna go.

Guys this is detailing the post @Lady_Eva can you clean this up please?

Thank you

Have you made a post on your person experience? Maybe you can get help and advice…

Make my own post?

Yes start a new topic of everything that is happening.

Ok good idea thank you

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Just as one of the other members above mentions, just because we are LHP does not mean we are not helpful. We do all kinds of magick. You would be surprised how much we all do.

As for the way you treated someone on here some points are good points but you were very rude.

You clearly don’t see how many times this OP and many of us other LHP have helped people here.

Have a wonderful day.

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Fair enough. Although I am NOT wrong to hold you to personal responsibility. I once again reiterate that we are ALWAYS responsible for the reality we experience. You are on a website called “Become a living god” What do you think godhood entails?

“Whoah is me, you don’t know what I’ve been through!”

Stop it. Victim talk will not help you. Nor will the mindset of a victim. On ANY OR NO path to personal development and empowerment. Least of all LHP. That being said, if you’re not concerned with LHP seeking, that may open up more methods of protection. It is up to you how you wish to proceed. Regardless, you have been gifted with a more powerful than usual petty tyrant. USE THEM for self growth. That is the way of a warrior. Again, check out the works of Carlos Castaneda when you have the luxury. His works are essential reading material among elite LHP orders. They are also useful if you DO NOT follow the Left Handed Path. My teacher highly recomends them and is a POWERFUL sorceress. I honestly would not fuck with them. Still, in your emergency situation, it may be more appropriate to utilize material oriented towards psychic defense, as it is your most pressing concern. I recomend “Psychic Defense” by Dion Fortune.

I was wrong to assume HOW you created this reality for yourself. I apologize for undue assumptions. I am not wrong to stress personal responsibility, especially for LHP seeking.

I recommend reading Dion Fortunes book on psychic defense.

And yes, you are right this website is to exchange ideas. Good point.

To the person who said “I’m LHP and I help people all the time” maybe, but I consider most LHP seekers to actually be of mixed polarity. Not that polarity at this point has much meaning to me. It’s all a bullshit game in my eyes. I care for neither path at this point.

Actually, the elite LHP orders do NOT share their knowledge freely. Much misinfo is spread on the internet and that is the way they like it.

Again though, fuck polarity.

Back to The_Supreme_Being, I might ask my teacher if they have any advice on your situation. I hope I am not wasting her time with this, but she does wish to be of service, so maybe she will help out.

Sorry if I come off as cold, but victim mentality is deliberately used by those in power to keep the rest of humanity disempowered. Millenia have been spent instrumentally glorifying it in the name of conquest. I am attempting in my own way to help you. This kind of blunt info is how I am taught, it is how my teacher was taught, it is how elite dark adepts teach their apprentices and it is the most efficient means of disseminating, well, I hesitate to use the term “wisdom” since it is not true wisdom without compassion, but in this case, helpful advice. It is not my intention to shame you. It is my intention to HELP you. Sorry if you do not find what I have to say helpful. With my limited experience regarding this subject it is the best I can do.

I will ask my teacher when I have time and await a response.

Until then yes, I agree with the advice to start a new thread.

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You are right. I was rude. My apologies. Understand that this kind of talk is pretty much the kind of talk I am used to from my teacher and I find it useful. No bullshit. Cuts through the fluff.

My apologies to The_Supreme_Being as well.

I did not need to be rude, nor did I consider my rudeness. Again, this is how I am used to learning myself. Then again, my situation is different fro. Yours and I admit, I am rare in that I am one of the few who takes to that kind of teaching style. I apologize again. Also for my lack of compassion.

That being said, I would NOT be surprised by positive acts done but supposedly negative seekers. I simply do not consider their polarity to pure in it’s negativity. But again, fuck polarity.


Thank you for this.
I’m an empath and still figuring out how to protect myself and heal from inadvertently absorbed bad energies/emotions from other people/entities/objects in my surroundings. Just signed up for some free kundalini yoga, meditation, and exercise classes on eventbrite (recommended to me by another member of this forum) and going to crack open my recipe book of spiritual baths for later.
Hopefully will stop feeling so drained and all kinds of crazy :crazy_face:

Hats Off! to you

Hi Conner , I saw the radionics(? I think) energy transfer experiment that JS Garrett performed with you . I was wondering how you are feeling as a few weeks have passed - do you still feel super charged with energy ?

Thank you SO much for the tips here I will definitely try as many out as I can :+1: .
Work wise I’ve been trapped at a desk / computer in an office to do my job remotely
( for past 18 months due to COVID) instead of being mobile . The combo of the ppl in there ( who all seem to hate each other!) and the energy I’ve been around has drained the frickin life out of me!!
I’m like a shell of my former self now lol I joke but it’s actually true :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ve finally found another job out of there and just have to work my notice now ( thanks to Suhn’tal’ock :pray:) but I still feel exhausted and have no enthusiasm or energy, everything feels like such an effort .
If the tips you shared which is the quickest route to feeling human again if you don’t mind me asking ?
Thanks :blue_heart:


Bump. Assimilating along with Semen/Sperm retention. @Nate … on this topic, Johnson or Masters came up (no pun intended) with something called the Squeeze Technique … squeezing the head or below the head as you are about to ejaculate, and letting it boil down like taking a pot of pasta in water from bubbling over, is the idea. The sperm backs back down and youre still in pleasure at the same time (you dont have to stop pumping or whatnot while squeezing, unless size is an issue, in that case squeeze at the base right above the scrotum.

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Really? Awesome! I will have to try that. Thanks!