For Those Who been Mentally Fractured/Exhausted By Magick

For Those Who been Mentally Fractured/Exhausted By Magick

I know A bunch of people that been mentally exhausted or even fractured by magick,
this can happen by many things,i personally been through that and i am able to put out all syptoms and causes.

Reasons Why You Are Mind-Fucked By Magick

  • Too many intense Expiriences - having intense expiriences in magick is one of the most beneficial things and most enjoyble but overdoing it can really fuck your mind up.

  • Overthinking/ Over-analysing the spirit world - This means that you are too connected for your “level” with the spirit world,firstly connections are not bad but again over doing it can fracture your mind.

  • Overusing magick - I been that guy that used magick in everything and use my magical abilities for everything and even playing with them

and much more but the main symptoms are the same which are.

Symptoms Of Mental Mind-Fuck

  • Extreme Thoughts - This when you reach a chaotic state of mind and you have thoughts flying around this can be about magick,spirits or literally anything random.

  • Extreme Visions - It is when the ajna chakra is too open and your visions go off charts.

  • Feeling Heavy-Light - This when you reached a high limit of spiritual energies there many ways to handle that,i will expain later.

i would split the whole MindFuck thing into categories which are

  • Mental - This when your mind is too affected by magick and energies in a negative way.

  • Spiritual - the spiritual side of the magical frasturation is when the energies can affect your energy bodies which that can feel like heavy light,or burns or colds.

Why The MindFuck?

we all have limits,yes we are spiritual unlimited but out minds and energy bodies have limits and its importand to respect that but aslo gently push yourself out of them but it aslo importand to heal yourself and re-ground yourself this the next part of this post.

Dealing With the Mental Wreck

there many ways to heal that but it is important for those exercises to be centered into yourself, calmness and comfort.first exercise is :

Gazing Into the indigo Healing Currents

firstly lets talk about what is the overused ajna chakra,it basically the mental side of the mind wreck in short words.

for this exercise you need to ground yourself in earth,nature or something that can pull you back into yourself.

focus on your ajna chakra with the solid intention to balence it and heal it and envision a healing indigo canvas,just the colour and simply breath and feel yourself rebalancing.

Physical activities

This can deal with the mental side of the mind fuck when you lose logic and connection.

  • Grounding

  • Going out with friends and family - Simply call them up and go somewhere that you like and enjoy and just have a good connective time with them.

  • Reading books - this can simulate the thinking and analysation process of the mind.

  • Meditation - watch over thoughts and analysation and be the observer.

  • Observe nature - one of the best things that i did when i was there is to simply watch over my town people,trees how the wind blows etc.

My expiriences

i cant count how many times i been there sometimes i healed it but sometimes i just said fuck it and walk over it and continues my path this another option but be warned because that option is for the madmans.

I think that this pretty much it.




I have experienced this quite a lot. I’ve bookmarked this page to help me for ther future