For Males: 12 Gatekeepers + Tiamat Ritual

I will have a female one up soon.

Take a plain white piece of paper. Draw from 1 to 12 like an old analog clock face.

In the middle instead of clock hands draw a basic shape of a vagina.

Now, masturbate thinking of time first. Something that truly turns you on. Try to see a humanoid coming out of the deepest, blackest part of midnight ocean. Make sweet love to this being on the beach.

When you climax call out her name, Tiamat. Take a few drops of cum and rub unto the vagina pushing your desire and/or wishes into it.

Fold it up. Place it in a hidden place. Keep it folden. To charge it up only mildly rub the sides a few times.


I will combine it with a ritual I got from lucifer yesterday.

You imagine a dream woman and how you make love with her and could place this sigil in front of her pussy. Then imagine she tells you are the dream husband and price of her life.

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But according to the lore of the forum, you are Tiamat

does that mean that we would be fapping to you and calling your name when having the orgasm?


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Try these two.

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I will be removing any derailments without further notice.


Says 12 Gatekeepers + Tiamat but seems like we are only visualizing one figure and calling out to her.
How do the 12 play into this besides the clock?

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I really don’t want to reveal too much right now.

Saturn is Father Time…

I said a lot through using pictures. I will reveal more as it comes to me. It’s incredible slow process. I asked for all the i to be dotted, and all the t to be crossed on this.

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If you wanted to see her as purple.

When you contact your godform you quite literally embody them.
Your soul intertwines with them and so on.

Purple is a mask of Tiamat.

And vice versa.

But if I do this ritual Ill ne offering it to a different goddess.

All youd have to do is set the intent to offer it to who or what you think is the real Tiamat

No worries, Ill keep it bookmarked until the full working is out looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue::+1:

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A dream I had awhile ago. I am still learning what it means.

I kinda wish I didn’t click this but anyway I can see how this would work

Looks like it would work well, whether you approach it from a petition point of view or connecting with Tiamat at an intimate level if one’s ritual experience goes in that direction. Could be a very powerful experience overall. Thank you for sharing @Purple


I’m currently reaching new levels of my own sexual pleasure, that it is hurting me, it’s so fucking intense. We desire for people to share it.

We are taking ALL the Gatekeepers workings, that is currently going on, to it’s finally conclusion one day…


Keep an open mind. Methods of working with our spirits are constantly surfacing. Remember we are trail blazers.

I see you mention in a lot of posts avout the 12 gatekeepers. But every gatekeeper source I see only mentions 9. Who are the other 3?

No, a narrow view sees better :woman_with_headscarf: Check my journals if you like open minded stuff, we don’t have cookies like the ones of the dark side, but we have cakes of light, made with Uncle Perdurabo’s original recipe

Fire, Water, and Blood. Time stamps.
42:30 1:09:00 1:13:31

“Deconstructism embedded into these stars.” E.A.

A narrowed view misses the hand that strikes them. :pray: