Five Free True Black Readings (Now Closed/Examples for those new to divination and tarot)

Wish I found this sooner, I’m drooling over your deck/read style

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I’ve got one spot left :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, what to ask - thanks

Edit: anything to do with entities?

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just let me know when I’m up

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Alrighty, for you we have all new cards! woot. I hate when I feel like I am repeating myself :joy:

First we have the Nine of Cups. This card talks about indulgence, comfort, satisfaction and abundance. Essentially it says that all is good, you have everything you need materialistically, emotionally, and socially. This card usually represents a time of reaping the rewards, and prosperous in all areas. If you aren’t there yet, you soon will be, and I would say it’s an indication, that if you haven’t met that special someone, you should soon. Edit reading the rest of this draw, I’m afraid it seems your current situation appears as if it is better than what it is.

Next we have the seven of swords. Ah but isn’t that rather contradictory, as it represents betrayal, dishonor, plotting and thievery. It talks about how loyalty and honor are no where in sight and that you could very well be the victim of deceit. It talks about how betrayal and lies have a way of coming around and biting us in the ass. If you are the one whose done so, it would be a good time to own up to it, or you may very well find that whatever you have done is going to come into full light, and the offending party will return in kind. If you haven’t, perhaps it’s saying that the first card, is what your relationships seem to be, while really you are being betrayed by someone close to you.

Next we have the Page of Wands reversed. Normally this card is adventurous, unexpected, exciting and innovative. She represents trying new and exciting things, the ventures at hand may require more creativity and dedication than one is used to giving, but that can be a good lesson that if you are innovation and risk taking are one way to success, but you should be prepared as well. Being as this card is reversed, it sounds like you should not be taking risks, just for the dare, or to conquer your fears.

Next we have the Ace of Swords. This card represents truth, reasoning, objectivity and break through. It is a sign of all that you could have, if you use it’s power to dispel the confusion and illusion. It talks about searing through the lies and deceit that are clouding your current situation. It’s not the time to be emotional, but rather it’s time to get down to the facts, and discover the truth.

Last we have the Two of Cups reversed. Normally this card is about connection, partnership, union and romance. Normally talks about how you are essentially one with your spouse, everything is balance, the hostilities are coming to an end, and you will begin to see, eye to eye with your spouse and become great partners. Unfortunately, this card is reversed, and indicates that things are not well, you do are not equally attracted or dedicated and connecting as you should.

Overall, this draw is not a very happy one. It starts with it sounds like things are great in your current relationship, but that it needs to be reassessed, as it may not be what you think it is, at all.

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Give me a few :stuck_out_tongue: @anon48079295 is up next, with one of these crazy assed questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Swear ya’ll just like to challenge the fck out of me lmao.

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@anon48079295 Well. Idk if this draw has got the answer you’re looking for, but guess let’s see.

First we have Death reversed. Blah blah change right? Ooops it’s reversed. Even if the answer to your question is revealed in this draw, it’s not going to change anything, so I guess the real question is, why does it matter?

Next we have the Page of Swords. This card represents truth, resolve, clarity and candor. It talks about how it’s time to face your problems, challenge your issues and stop pussy-footing around them. In the background of the card, we can see that while the page is slicing at brambles, he’s found the fruit hidden behind them. The fruit are the rewards of a battle that was hard won, and the knowledge that can be gained from freeing yourself of confusion. This card is normally a call to action, to seek the truth and clarity despite the difficulties and setbacks.

Next we have Strength reversed. She normally represents strength compassion, understanding, and courage. This card talks about how true strength is found by not acting aggressively and taking the time to understand the danger. She stands in the way of those who want to harm the snake, just because of what it is, because it is hated by those that lack knowledge. This card being reversed however, sounds like you are not protecting that creature that can’t protect itself. Are you taking the time to understand the one who is misunderstood?

Next we have the Four of Cups. It represents being withdrawn, passive, introspective and hidden. It talks about how being withdrawn can be purposeful, that you should use the solitary time for introspection, dreaming up what you want in the future and becoming centered. Usually this card is the prelude to a positive outcome.

Last we have the Justice card. This card represents fairness, impartiality, karma and clarity. It talks about how the scales of our hearts our weighed, rather impartially, without emotions. This card is generally a call to set aside our problems, and see if ourselves, our actions and the world around us, through eyes that are not our own. If someone else were looking at you, and your question, what would would they say the answer was? It sounds like it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, whether you are right or wrong about it, it’s not going to affect things.

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You’re next. Last call to figure out the fck the question is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure, I’m gonna stick with Belial’s opinion?

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Man. Almost all you’s worrying about the wrong shizzles in life lmao :joy: :joy: :joy:

Alright smoking then I’ll see what the King has to say about you.

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So imma just say the symbolism in these cards did a lot for me in interpreting the reading, but i also considered your descriptions of them as well and how they matched.

Because Im a Hekatean and a lot of my current work has been guided by Hekate, the central imagery of the death card is especially profound to me, while being flanked by a sword piercing the ground, and a wand piercing the sky. This has a lot of symbolism to me in my current working with the natural world.

As for the page, i find that it really hits home with regard to a couple things in my life, but i did find this year while i spend a lot of time with nature, its been with my “domesticated” nature, and as the fall cold will undoubtedly bring the winter, given previous seasons, i have a tendency to recede indoors to escape the cold and surround myself with my “inside” garden - i guess like i always wanna just hide in some tree and come back in spring. But my current work is about a place i want to help magically “revitalize,” and a part of me was tempted with “oh ill just wait until the spring, then i can focus on the rains and such”, but i think i need to get my forest witch ass to the woods, into the cold, and among it in the winter, despite my inclination to flee from the cold.

The hanged man has brought me also some clarity, when i consider ive been listing different ideas, spirits, and spell work to start trying to make a change in the slice of nature i want to help revitalize - ive been wondering “is what im planning enough?”

Then again, the 8 of swords reminds me ill come out of this stronger and benefitted from the process and working out the methods and deploying, regardless of the end result. With the sword hitting the ground “so below,” it reminds me to focus on my present, and on my material reality - results which manifest - to me thats juxtaposed with the wands, which represents to me “as above,” and that i may need to accept taking me time in those “higher” pursuits i have, which involve more focus on the spirit - away from
material reality, slow down and acknowledge ill get there, but i have other more important things to keep focus on (so below).

does that make sense? just my thoughts inspired by your reading.

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Well. What does Belial have to say, about @Healing_Heart

First we have the Four of Wands reversed. Normally this card talks about celebrating, events, freedom and possibility. This card is normally a time of celebration, a sense of happiness, and achieving freedom. It talks about how the bondage chains, are not always those that are physical but can be stress, financial issues, and emotional situations. It’s normally a sign that you need to find a way to escape these things and take on new endeavors, but this card is reversed so. It’s telling you it’s not time to celebrate, happiness and freedom are not yours yet, and its not the right time for new endeavors.

Next we have Judgement. This card is about decisions, reckoning, reward and punishment. This card is a representation of being judge for our actions and intentions. It’s usually a call for clarity, taking stock of what people, things and projects actually matter to you, and cutting loose those things that no longer serve you. Perhaps this is in regards to recent events, and it’s a sign that you’ve been judge according to your actions and intentions, and well we know you did not make those choices, with mal intent.

Next we have the Page of Cups reversed. This card is normally childlike, caring, soft and hopeful. It normally talks about being soft tempered, considerate and child like. The page give message of love, and opportunities for growth in the realm of emotions, creativity and spirituality. She represents the fruits that can be gained when you approach someone with an open heart, a caring and uplifting spirit. This card is reversed however so it sounds like Belial is advising you to be more cautious with who you spend time with, who you trust, and and who you approach so openly.

Next we have the Four of Pentacles reversed. This card normally talks about hoarding, greed, materialism and stagnation. It’s a warning to be careful about hoarding what you gain, be it material, spiritual or emotional. It can be good to be conservative, but overtly so will hold you back. Sounds to me like Belial views you someone who is generous, caring and giving.

Last we have the Ten of Cups reversed. Normally this card talks about happiness, maturity, unity and forgiveness. It talks about how the weapons of war have been set aside and now the cups stand for peace and unity. Some of the cups are cracked however, they’ve not come through the battle without being damaged, scared. Usually this card means that the past has been forgiven and everyone is welcome. But this card is reversed, and I think it speaks to your current mindset, and to Belial you appear as someone who is not happy, and who has not forgiven- at least not themselves. If you want to be welcome, you need to get your ass out of the mindset, and stop holding the past against yourself, and use it instead as a lesson well learned, and something to grow from.

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Yes it does :slight_smile: I like to say I am just the messenger, what it means to you, really depends on the rest of the story, the parts I can’t know.

Hell. A lot of times I only get the message, and the rest is on the individual to figure out, and not for me to ever know.


That’s a wrap kids. Thanks for the fun :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

Just a side note, the reason I say you should even be careful about who you get readings from even, is I essentially attempt to tap into the person behind the screen name, and channel your energy/question at my deck.

Someone with mal-intentions, could go the other direction and fck ya up. :joy:

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Right!! I feel you definitely picked up on the “vibe” and drew meaningful cards for me and i thank you deeply for it. i had another revelation but i will see how things turn out! i will save this reading to look back on the coming months for sure :wink:


Thanks so much, I am glad Belial has picked up on who I was, and what I can become.

I can’t wait to work with him more

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I’d forgive yourself first, Ijs.

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I have a lot of work on myself. Thank you for the great read, it resonates

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