First time and disappointed

Hello all ,:blush:

So after reading lot of interesting things on BALG,
I tried to work with lucifer for the first time
Drew the sigil ,lit the candle and kept in mind what i actually desire.

I didn’t felt much , chanted his enn for many times,
Tried to focus as much as i can.
All i felt was silence. it didn’t work out for me .:disappointed:
Duration was about 25 to 40 mins.

I think I’m missing something important, and thats my concentration with meditation and vision.

Many members guided me here as I’m a beginner,
Please continue supporting me. :blush:

Stay safe.

There is an invocation on here written by Connor Kendall, saying that, an invocation only means that Lucifer will talk to you via your mind, you do know that don’t you? Evocation is the actual summoning of the spirit to manifest physically. If you have invoked Lucifer, look for subtle signs for the things you have desired. Maybe you need to work more on your psychic senses in order to give you more clarity.


Yes, im aware of that
Still reading

when you chant his enn or try evocation, do not strain yourself, push yourself but do not hurt yourself, he will show up if you keep trying I believe


You literally joined three days ago.

You have no senses open yet, am I correct? Did you work on dropping mind?

Are you claiming you started a game you have no idea of in highest difficulty and you get dissappointed? :smiley:

You should expect nothing but disaappointment at this stage.

Work on your senses.


I just gave it a try, i thought maybe i could, it would :disappointed:

You are fine, at least you arent lying lol, just work on your senses.


Try fasting for two, days and repeat that for an hour in total, darkness at 3am

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And pour emotion into it

Any suggestions?

Does fasting works?
I had no idea about it

Yes it works… Do things That bring You close to your death… Then you’ll get close to the spirit world and the veil will become thinner

Ecstasy works too

Learn how to scan people.


just do what feels best as method, important is enn chanting and sigil gazing, i do not encourage drug use, as it may cloud your mental capacity, but that is me, i higly discourage drug use in general, magick and otherwise in my opinion

fasting could be good but if you dont feel good doing it then dont

Start at the basics. Energy awareness inner and outer. Learn to scan. That’s the foundation you start with before trying to get the attention of external entities. You are going to waste their time and your own.


I would also second working on the basics. I actually have a meditation here designed to help build your senses up for the use of evocation, as well as gradually slipping into the awareness of energy around you over time. Check it out and give it a try. It may be helpful


Thank you sir

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I have had experiences like that as well after reading so much about certain spirits I tried calling them and felt no connection at all , on the other hand I was successful in making connection with other spirits ! You can just try another spirit or use a different method and call lucifer again !