First real success - Cured my illness

I’ve been suffering from an unknown disease for 8 years, which has caused my eyes to be 8/10 on the pain scale every moment of my life. It has been miserable, and I’ve been driven near suicide. No doctor has ever been able to help me or even understand why.

I performed an evocation of Raphael last Thursday using the method given by EA. I did something a little different. I made an offering to Raphael the day before and the day of my ritual. And I performed it at the first hour of the planetary day associated with Raphael. Now, I believe that the timing AND the offering made this work.

I proceeded to evoke Raphael from the sigil. I hardly felt anything, and I saw nothing. But I proceeded as if he was there, in case he did arrive. I asked Raphael to cure my disease.

That day was the most painful day of my life (physically). But later on I happened to come across an article that suggested that coffee could be the reason I’ve been in pain. I proceeded to wean myself off of coffee, and my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I’ve never had this much relief as far as I can remember.

My take away from this is:

  1. Offerings seem to be important
  2. Timing is important for some spirits
  3. Just because nothing appears to happen, just proceed as if the spirit was there and make your request.
  4. Meet the spirit half-way by continuing to work towards your goal (i.e. I did research on my condition and the “right” article landed in my lap).

I think timing and offerings are important to build an initial relationship with an entity. After that contact has been made, it may be easier to contact them without these. I’m still experimenting with these findings, but I hope someone finds this useful.


Congratulations man

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That’s so awesome! Raphael’s definitely one of the best when it comes to healing.

You aren’t actually required to give an offering to Raphael or other angels (usually a sincere “thank you” is usually good enough for them) but they do appreciate offerings.