Finding someone

Not really sure if this should be in a different sub forum but a while ago I was looking to find the address of someone. I was advised to look at the mundane and employ a tracer or equivalent

Fast forward several months and even some of the best tracers can only find out of date addresses for this person.

Is there anything I can do magically to assist. I had thought that this person might be cloaking themselves magically but they have never been a practitioner of magic.

He couldn’t drop off the face of the earth so finding him shouldn’t be that difficult.

Do you have a copy of Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos?

There is a spirit in there who will find missing people and tell you their location. However, if the spirit discovers that the person in question has a legitimate reason for not wanting to be found, they will refuse to reveal where they are.

I have just bought the book in question. The spirit you refer to is Hiepacth. As Hiepacth does not work with photos I do have a teddy bear that belonged to the target, however I also have reason to believe my target may have stolen the teddy from someone else as my target is a notorious thief. So not sure if a teddy would work but worth a try

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I think any link should work but I haven’t worked with that particular spirit myself so I can’t say for certain.

It is definitely worth a try though.

I’ll give it a go and report back. In the interim I’m still employing the services of a tracer to assist in the mundane

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Update: I tried summoning Hiepacth. I doubt I was successful, book has too many procedural requirements for summoning, in addition to which I find its reliance on the Abrahimic God to not be in line my own beliefs. Nevertheless I improvised, for example rather than make the triangle of Art out of wood which I did not have, I drew it on paper with pen. One of the reasons I think I was unsuccessful was because of my reliance on improvisation caused me to doubt myself during the ritual.

I think I summoned a thoughtform instead because the address I was given for the target doesn’t exist, however one very close to it does.

I would love to discuss the summoning spirits book in a separate topic but for now I would like some input into what I could do to help me succeed at my goal

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Remember, you don’t have to use the ritual procedure in the book. The spirits listed are not tied to the Golden Dawn tradition, and can be evoked using any working system of evocation.

My advice would be to call Hiepacth again, using a method more tied to your preference. Maybe try using her seal, along with EA’s Conjuration to Summon Forth, for example.

You can try with the Angel of Lost Things.

You’ll find the sigil in the forum along with a clear explanation.

Thanks DarkestKnight. I will try re-summoning Hiepacth

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Thanks ReyCuervo. I will research the Angel of lost things.

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Lady_Eva as a thread here about angel of lost things.

Thank you. Much appreciated

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Very welcome

Have you tried connecting to their energy?

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Yes unfortunately it didn’t work.

Do you know his name?


Archangel Chamuel is known to be able to see everything. You can also ask him for help.

Thanks I’ll give that a try as well

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