Finding Reincarnated Family

Here’s another question that’s been rattling around in my mind for a while. There was some discussion in other threads about creating egregores that are so durable and complex that they contain the entirety of the magician’s memory and are programmed to seek out and fuse with the magician after their death once they reincarnate. But could the same thing be done after the fact by a magician for one of their deceased relatives?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do two related things. They are:

  1. Identifying and locating the current person into which a family member who has died was reincarnated, and
  2. Creating an egregore, with or without the help of a spirit, to reach back through time, retrieve the collective set of memories the family member had at the moment of death, and then fuse with the current incarnation.

Although I realize it would be difficult, I’ve read that egregores can technically travel through time so long as they do not create paradoxes. Copying memories at the moment of death, a time which occurred in the past, should not alter that event, so it seems philosophically allowable to me anyways.

Does anyone have experience or an opinion on whether this can be done, and if so, how?

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I don’t personally know, but working with Saturn as he’s the keeper of time might help.

@AdamThoth got any ideas? I’m slightly impaired At the moment.

I think you would need the consent and participation of both the incarnations. Accessing someones mind and memories without consent is a pretty invasive and aggressive thing to do and could trigger defenses.

So, contacting the higher self of the person for a conversation, agreement and advice would be a good first step, and they could tell you if this is ok by them, tell you who is who, or tell you to go away.

Also, you might not need to go back in time: the Akashic records contain all the memories already. Why not have the egregore copy those and remove that whole complexity?

Re “time travel” - time is an illusion as much as space is, physical matter is dependent on it, spirit is not, so travelling through it via soul walking is the same as travelling in the other three - you put your mind there and the energy follows.

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