Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell

Thanks a lot sir

Bumping this post. Good stuff!

So, has anyone else began to work with Clauneck? In my preparation, I did see where he act’s on his own behalf when you first meet. I guess he likes his games, and to challenge my mind. Pretty awesome right?

Its also said that he will mess with you for a while before settling down and getting to business. Man, I did this in my 20s and Clauneck parties 1/2 as hard as I did, he’ll have a first! A Truly Hungover Universe!

All kidding aside, I actually did read that information regarding his opening mischief and then settles down to work hard. If anyone has other evidence, pro OR con, I would love to hear about it. Clauneck has my interest in our parallels, I’d like to see for myself! I’ll try to document as much as I can… and then afterwords publish the experience.

ALL input is appreciated. Please stay constructive.

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As I skim through this, it hurt’s me that nobody thought of Lucifuge Rofocale!!!

If he was mentioned, My apologies.


who can do this for me?
I would like to conclude an agreement with many, and for a long time.

I have a business, and a good job may appear, where there is huge potential in career development and wealth.
I want to fly away swiftly.

Never got nothing out of it.

You mentioned chocolate pudding twice…she must really love it

I will offer it to her sometime

Wehlc Melan Avage Bune Tasa

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I did a pact whit a famouse spidt. Well tuwsday night today i was asked to work 5hours.then the ophiel chant from rite of salomone. And the tenas aropa chant. 2 money rituals, i result whit 48 hours, we see how it goes.

How do I try this

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