Fiance's soul in danger

I’m not allowed to say too much but there’s a demon that has been tied to my fiance and his family. He can’t get many answers besides it has to do with the “32nd General of the Devil’s Army” Does anyone know who that could be??? PLEASE help.

If the sources are valid, it’s probably Asmodeus.

Goetic demons, i dunno that they’re “Generals” or anything but it’s not a stretch to call them that

This is not a thing, it sound like a larp and you’re being conned.

None of the Goetia are “Generals” at all, they are Kings down to Dukes, so that’s not it.

Why not start from he beginning with the problem you’re trying to solve first?
What is happening that needs to be fixed? And why do you say there’s a demon causing it?


I think people refer to them as generals from the concept of infernal kingdoms and whatnot. Buuuuuuuuut i mean imagine a conversation of belial. he would probably call himself a general

Asmoday is a King, and is the 32rd spirit in the Goetia. Nothing to do with “devil’s armies”.

A google search of 32nd demon brings up King Asmodeus, and that info could have been plugged into a search here for more info on him.


Belial is not in the Goetia and is a Sumerian god. There’s just no reason to assume the devils army is the Goetia at this point.

We don’t know where the OP is coming from that needs to be understood before going off speculating too much.

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I’m not allowed to speak on it too much. His uncle knows exactly who It is bur he’s not allowed to out warn my fiance. This is the most specific lead we have. His uncle found out I work with Lilith and said she’s “one of the 15” and that I need to not work with her (which I’m most likely going to ignore. Need to meditate and consult my guides first because I JUST got in contact with her and she seems to be very helpful so far)

it’s not Him. this is a lot deeper than Google search. trust me. that’s what we’ve been doing for years. his uncle isn’t allowed to out right say the name but he can tell us when we’re wrong. I know I sound crazy but I promise this is real life shit we’re dealing with.

Inside the Grand Grimoire, Satanachia is a great general and Agaliarept a general but it’s also true that in this case we’re speaking of at least 32…


We don’t need the details, all I’m asking is, what’s the actual problem?

Is your fiance sick, is he writhing on the floor speaking in tongues, is he acting out of character?
Something must be wrong or you wouldn’t need to fix it?

Or have you just been told this and for no reason believed it? Because what you just said, sounds like a made up fairy story to scare you.


Lilith has told me I’m the one that can help my fiance, I just have to come into my power before She’ll lead me in any direction. She (and others) have told me I have great power, I just have to harness it. I was raised roman catholic so I’m VERY new to all of this. Despite being new, it feels like second nature to me and everything I’ve read or been told, I’ve somehow already knew.

I am just saying if it means anything at all, it means asmoday. This post probably isn’t talking about an actual spirit, but also, if i just said that right away then I would sound like an ass.

Help your fiance with what? THere’s nothing wrng with him but some vague UPG that “a demon” is attacking him. If a powerful demon attacks you, you know about it. No symptoms,no attack.

But you can be scared enough to make him start having symptoms yourself, if you’re not very careful with your thoughts.


We all do. Nothing special, new or unique here.

Banish and protect yourself, sounds like you’re dealing with parasitic types of people and entities.


Oh also completely unrelated but I like your profile picture Mulberry. @ me if anyone needs me.

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His uncle was deathly ill. on death bed, dying, ill. a woman came to him and said “ill give you 3, but I have to take 3”. His uncle literally CANNOT outright tell him anything. the general clue literally through us for a LOOP. I somehow know my fiance isn’t making this up to scare me. him and his uncle are way too scared for this to be made up. and Lilith somehow knew exactly what I was talking about without me having to say my fiances name. The way my fiance explained it to me is that he was the third soul his uncle unknowingly sacrificed to the woman that healed him.

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Like I said, banish and protect yourself from the bullshit you are having spewed at yourself, learn to divine what the real issue and then take some actions as the operator to move things in a more pleasing direction :slight_smile:

Some general research around here will help you see why the things you are stating, are highly unlikely to be facts.


Maybe it really is nothing and my fiance and I are just gullible. I’ve never had any experience with demons or anything like that before I met him. Now all of a sudden there are shape shifters (that we have video evidence of) and demons surrounding my house.

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I’d take video with a side of caution. Technology is advanced enough today that you can fake anything on a video from Transformers to Kaiju.