Feeling discarded

Hi, I’ve recently (2 - 3 weeks) started practicing magick. I’m using gallery of magick books, I have yet to work with demons, so far only angels. I’ve noticed in these couple of weeks of starting my practice that I have become sort of less important to people around me. For example, I had a phone appointment for a certain matter with a professional and she always takes notes of her clients, of whta they discuss so she remembers them on a follow up call. Well after my phone call, i had my follow up barely a week after and she could not remember me, she had no idea we had talked before, she did apologize and said she always ALWAYS takes notes because this is what she does, this is her job but she had no notes on my at all and we had talked only a week before. It made me feel crappy.

Another example is one of my friends have stopped texting me, she replies when I text but she has completely stopped initiating texting.

All of these things have occurred after I started practicing magick. I’m not putting blame or anything, far from it I’m just confused and wondering why this has happened. Do you think it has any relation to magick or I have just become incredibly unimportant and unmemorable to people for some reason?

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Probably your Angel energy you are calling up.


I have seen this a lot and it’s completely natural. You are becoming different from the herd, so to speak. Butterflies and caterpillars. It can be bittersweet but please try not to let it get you down. You’re simply entering a higher end of the spectrum.


I recommend that you start making your aura a lot bigger. A lot more robust. Start taking in energy, and projecting it into your aura.

I’ve noticed that if you want to disappear from society, you need to draw your aura in Words, As far as possible.

If you want to be noticed by everyone, you need to projector or out as far as possible, that’s what happens when somebody walks into a room and everyone notices them.

I’ve drawn in my aura so that I don’t take in any attention from anyone, and I’ve pushed it out if I want to be seen. Maybe that’ll help


All of the events sound work related or perhaps a job search, headhunters etc. and some texts this doesn’t sound magic or ritual related but just the hum drum of life. If it were a reverse casting or something related to your rituals i guarantee that the events would be much more dramatic. Focus on success and you will find it.

Interesting. Can you please explain why that would happen with the Angel energy?

Hi, none of these events/people were work or job related, is that what you meant?

Really? That’s comforting! So you mean because I’ve started magick, my energy is different, that’s why? Can you please explain a bit more if you don’t mind?

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@myra yes i was just speaking generally as you didn’t give specifics.

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But I didn’t do any work on my aura to begin with. Do you think it changed by itself because I started magick practice?

Yes it could just be life, but way people are interacting or lack of interacting with me and showing not much regard for my feelings whether they are intimately known to me or not is making me think.

It is the holiday season and many people are preoccupied. However if you think something has backfired are there any other signs other than someone losing there notes or one friend not texting i.e. are things disappearing or any unexplained illnesses, or perhaps visions?

No, just more of being ignored by people and hearing some noises that I seem to only hear cause when I ask the person next to me they have no clue what I’m talking about. I know it’s the holidays and that is totally understandable. I’m not trying to convince anyone that something other than just life is happening, it’s more of a feeling I have because of things that have happened in the past couple of weeks so I just thought I’d share and see if this can happen when you start magick. I could totally be overthinking it sure.

@myra in that case i would simply relax and enjoy the holidays things should pick up after new years. I don’t think anything you are describing has to do with your magic.

I wonder if some of this is ‘like attracts like’ coming into play.

You’re changing, so what happens sometimes is you can fall out of resonance with those you knew who are not changing as rapidly. And you should also find you start attracting new people to come into your life. With angelic energy especially your vibrations become higher frequency, and lower frequency beings, including people, can’t see you easily.

It’s not a bad thing, but can be emotionally difficult losing friends who literally aren’t on your wavelength any more. You might be able to lower your vibes when you talk to them so they can resonate again by grounding and bringing that old energy back into you though memories of how you were before.


It could be that your reality is glitching as the angels go about their work. As they shift things around to bring forth what you’ve requested, some things might take time to catch up.

It could also simply be that your own perceptions are changing so you are seeing naturally occurring patterns of behavior more than usual.


Interesting. I agree that my points of views are totally different on some vital things than of my friends and with me discovering, learning more about magick, my views are ever expanding of what is possible and what I can make happen. Obviously my friends have nothing to do with magick or occult so they won’t share my pov.

Makes sense, thanks!


Maulbeere explained it perfectly below

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hmm, I see what you mean. I am more aware of things I’ve noticed, I was already pretty aware of my conscious thoughts and now I am just generally more aware, sensitive to things around me.


I’ve been experiencing this quite a bit lately too. In my case I’m assuming it’s just the whirlwind effect due to recent pacts. Use this time to focus on yourself and improve your skills. Read and research. Solitude can be a gift. Try not to torture yourself about friends or significant others not texting you. I know how that goes and I’ve learned that it’s best to just unplug and quit being so attached to your phone. It’s not healthy.