Feeling discarded

Humans are naturally inclined towards noticing patterns because it is a survival trait that allows us an awareness of things not otherwise perceptible, like the predator hiding and getting ready to pounce. We learned that when the forest goes quiet, something dangerous is around, even if we cannot see or hear it.

Modern humans, however, are self absorbed, and rarely notice things beyond their own limited space. Magick opens you up to this natural awareness of patterns that we all possess once more, so you will become aware of things that were always there, but you didn’t consciously notice. As you fall deeper into the rabbit hole however, your level of awareness will expand even further, to the patterns of things that lie underneath the surface of everything.


angel work…says it all. Good luck…prolly should’ve chosen better.
sorry not sorry…

Its been my experience that demonic energy seems to usually work best on the everyday down to earth Human level, whereas Angel energy (of the JCI variety) usually does not. I also think it depends on how you use it though that give those results.

Angel works is amazing in certain situations but it´s clear that it wasn´t a wice choise. Unless you had a certain kind of desire in mind. At other times working with angels is not really wise. I´ve done angel work myself for many years and you are experiencing one of the effects of angel work. Not necessarily bad but you are approaching certain situations from a different angle. My recommandation is to plan things out at long term.

I’ve noticed that I started attracting different types of people; and that people that I used to hang out with start to fall away.

Coincidentally, I spoke to one of my spiritual mentors yesterday, and he said that my vibration has elevated so much that people who used to be in similar bandwidth with you but have failed to catch up with your growth, will simply naturally fall away. They are no longer my peer.

I started to notice that I am attracting older women (40s to 60s) significantly more compared to the past. I would go to a gathering, and older women would approach me proactively. They can be very intense, almost like they have finally found the one that they are meant to find. I am still getting used to it.

In terms of sexual partners, I notice that I am attracting significantly younger men (20s-early 30s). I jump on a dating app, and it’s now almost always younger men approaching me. It was absolutely not like that before I started magick.

I would say enjoy the change, enjoy the ride. People who are not keeping up with your growth will naturally fall out of your life; and you will start attracting people who are in your bandwidth. You don’t play with worms anymore, you are a butterfly now.

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