Feeding Gamaliel

The first time i evoked Lilith through Gamaliel last november she gave me a chant to call her or so i thought, it turned out to be an invitation to dinner.:astonished:
Before that i was using Her enn “Renich viasa avage lillith lirach” Works great but in one ritual i got “Shakar on ca Lilith” it started as a whisper and ended in a scream and at the same time i was automatic writing it on the ground over and over, (i have dyslexia bad and without a keyboard i can’t even write my own name, so getting anything, especially something in a different language is to me super awesome) :joy:

Shakar is hebrew and means to be or become drunk or drunken, that seemed appropriate and she obviously wanted me to use it, so i did and after a couple of days of feeling like shit, she told me i had opened a gate to Gamaliel and they were now feeding off my lifeforce.:fearful:

Me "Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with?!? :rage:
Lilith “You didn’t ask, and we wanted to taste you”:kiss:
Me “…bitch…I hate you…and i love you…”:kissing_heart:

I use it in a somewhat impersonal way with a photograph or more often a drawing of a victim i’v done where i can see their eyes (eyes are important so i’ve been told) chanting Shakar on ca Lilith as i visualize the energy coming out of the eyes and then directing it to the sigil of Gamaliel that is now a gateway to that realm, i don’t think it’s enough by itself to kill anyone unless i use it on them for months, but a few times will weaken them enough that any follow up curse i feel like putting on them will become much more powerful.

I’m throwing this out now because Lilith asked me to (demanded it of me really if i’m being honest) it can be incorporate into vampyrism, succubi and incubi or werewolf workings or just giving someone really bad nightmares and making them slowly go insane whatever you like. :skull_crossbones:
The only thing i ask is if anyone wants to use this do a evocation of Lilith and ask her permission. Lilith is many things but the demons she controls in Gamaliel are pure predators and are not fond of sharing, and she does not like others playing with her toys without asking first but loves getting new ones.

Gamaliel is always hungry for more. Enjoy.:smiling_imp:


Well dont feel to bad. Azazel, let me spend time with her in a dungeon. Do you want to know what it was like having Lilith for a Domme?? Haha…I aint complaining :wink:
It was hot :fire:!

And the gatekeepers seem to like biting me. So, you arent the only one. :grinning:


I’m bookmarking this, very nice.


Daniel666 Thinks, always happy to be a guinea pig in pursuit of magick knowledge, and helping others down the dark path of spiritual depravity.:smiling_imp:

Arianna yes lol, Lilith the dominatrix, i had noooo clue until a started working with her extensively.
Me "Look at me, i’m a big bad black magician, my will is supreme, i answer to none!"
Lilith "Get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog for me."
Me “OK” :unamused:

Fine, all the above, a work in progress then.:grin:

Funny and surprisingly to me was my time with her was no where near as sexual or physical as with Naamah, to give an idea how that went, as with all my first evocations i ask, “what’s your name” and “what are you about”. And Naamah without saying a word with a pleasant almost innocent smlie on her face, reached out and grabbed me by the crotch.:flushed:

Me “Whff…HELLO!..Koff…Gh…Good to know…i’ll make a note of it…”:fire::laughing:


Yes that is interesting. Thats kinda the way things are with me and Belial. While things have gotten sexual, ive never had the experience of him pursuing me the way he has other women. But that could be part to do with my relationship to Azazel.


What can Belial do to you? Like teach,accomodate wealth etc?


He taught me history. But Im sure he can do many things. All my work with other demons has to go through Azazel first. And Azazel wanted him to teach me history and about the Infernal Empire.


Oh, well, I’m technically a historician so eh.

Belial – Influence of situations and authorities, Manipulation, Grants nobility, “Wicked One”, Lawlessness, Self-governance, Autonomy.
He gives great initiation into black magick in general, excellent at making any legal problems go always…debts and people to…Just saying.:wink:
He’s a King of incubus, and he’s very good at manipulating individuals or masses of people into abandoning their ideologies for wine, women and songs, useful for elections…Again just saying.:wink:
That’s just some of the things he can do from my experiences with him.


You are right I forgot he was also teaching me magick for awhile :wink:


So… if i fuck that up, i’ll get drained.
But if it works, they will drain that person instead?

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EDIT: something(she) tells me, that this won’t be enough, and she thinks that i would use it to skip the work.

They will probably drain you anyway at first, it’s just what those evil basterds do, but yes that’s how it’s should work.

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And there is only this way?
-Is there no variant, where i just get taught what i wanna know,
without beoming a bitch? -Don’t get me wrong, i could enjoy that.

But i want to free myself. And to loose myself in pleasure doesn’t seem to fit that, exactly.


You’ll have to take that up with Lilith i’m afraid, i’m quite sure that there are many variants, this was specifically givin to me in order to use on other people, good mothers never want their children to go hungry now do they? :grin:

Have you made it clear what you want to be tutored in by them? This was just one part of my Qlippoth working and before i started it i did a ritual where i stated that the entire thing was about my ascension (or was it dissension into madness and wickedness?..I don’t remember) Anyway other then that i had no expectation about what the rulers of the tree of death want to teach me.

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parents are in controll.
They kick you in the direction they want you to go, they are no partners.

That didn’t matter.

Those are the things i asked for:
Astral senses, shapeshifting, vampirism, manipulation of minds -thoughts, emotions and deeds and manipulation of energy.

To declarify this: i asked the spider goddess for shapeshifting
I asked for energy manipulation, to develope vampirism and well…hacking brains
And obviously, i asked for the astral senses to do shit.

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V.K. Jehannum has on his website blog a huge list of a bunch of spirits from the qlippoth and such including goetic, as well as specific rites to gain or help in gaining those powers you’re talking about.

You don’t have to visit the realms yourself, and I’ve found it much safer this way, if you’re not sure about actually really diving into the qlippothic spheres yourself.

You might want to check it out :wink: