Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology


Is there a part of us that when activated, can allow us to understand the true language of Angels/Demons on a vibrational level and call it from memory when we want to?


Interesting :thinking:
Ill ask Fastos later


A part of our subconscious/unconscious mind, perhaps. The subconscious is a gateway to the astral and soul planes.


Very intriguing post and exciting! Thank you for sharing with us this magnificent post and all this info. I am going to try some of those as well. My question though If I may is:
Why in the Conjuring Incantation the last parts are Latin? I mean, Shouldn’t normally be in the tongue of Angels or something similar? I may be wrong though, its not as if angelic beings don’t like (historically) Latin.


Ask them about Kabbalistic words of power and see where it gets you :wink:
Ooh they know it but dunno if they are ready to reveal it to you.
That is where true power is


The banishment incantation, who/what does clear ? Can be used interchangeably with the lbrp?


Your Will along with the inherent power of the words is what does the clearing @Vanity

Yes, it can be used in place of the LBRP


Will demons be affected negatively?



Its designed for clearing out energies in general. More like simply sweeping them away. So Demons wont be affected negatively.

Its not like they just cannot be in the presence of a Holy object or in a temple charged with angelic energy.

Its simply a change of environment for them


I’m begun experimenting with the angelic banishing incantation, and I have found its effects very similar to the demonic banishing from EA’s book Kingdoms of Flame. It clears out all energies and sets the space to “neutral,” so to speak.

Impressive, my friend :+1:


Thank you for promptly clarifying


I will try your incantations @Micah , they look easier to pronounce than enochian. You think they will work for me? :wink:


Im sure they will @Seraph


@Micah you can get me an enchantment to cure or eliminate the pains of autoimmune diseases of any kind (or multiple sclerosis for my girlfriend)


@Nicolas_Tomas have you tried these?


Any new incantations? :slight_smile:


How i can pronounce this?
What is " ’ " symbol??


This is absolutely fascinating. The thread

made me regard the symbols on those old sigils as more than just scribbles or automatic writing. I tried to read the text on the outer circle of Lucifer’s seal but wasn’t able to decipher more than just a few letters (and speculate on others).
Because of all the sounds (given in that thread) ending in an A, I wondered if the text (on the Lucifer seal) might be the famous “Zazas…” incantation. But like I said, I wasn’t able to fully read it.

These incantations you were given, @Micah, do you know a literal translation of them? Or, better, is there some sort of dictionary available? Keep up the Work!


Honestly I don’t.

Reason is:
They are not meant to be translated. They are Sounds. Sonic vibrations that are Sigils. You are literally creating your Will and reality and power with Sound.

These sounds have particular energies to them. That’s why there is not a solid translation yet


Alright. Thanks for the fast reply