Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology


So do I contact Eloh doreth shaddai first to confirm or meton? My astral senses aren’t good xc


Dude, this is shit is legit! Just chanting it for five minutes made me lightheaded and caused my Ajna to throb more than the Hindu mantras. I felt a sort of “corkscrew” movement in the middle of my head and I still feel dizzy ten minutes later :+1:

Man, the language of the angels is potent :flushed:


This is what Meton has to say about the True Name of God.

" You cannot know the True Name of God. It is not your place. You cannot understand. Raziel can help you."


There we go! Finally


Lol took you 3 months but we got the answer


After I channel Ezekiel, you’re gonna channel King Solomon.


Then we’re good.




Alright, could you pretty please with a baphomet on top channel King Solomon after I channel Ezekiel? :joy:


Thats My nigga!


Almost made me pull out my Glock 34 :joy:


You know I’m always joking bro. But I get you want respect.


You good mayne


Dude thanks for this man it is really something to meditate on. :slight_smile:


I can feel the power just reading these in my head lol, can’t wait to give some a go. :metal:


Holy shit, these incantations are so powerful. I only chanted TWICE and my throat was burning on sight :exploding_head:


Im glad they work for you :metal:
Thanks for the Feedback! @13lueGemini


Does this mean if I write in Enochian using the Celestial/Angelic Script, it will be closer to the actual angelic/demonic language?

Lately, I’ve been using runes with great results. I feel a different energy when I use the runes separately and together. Instead of using just sigils for entities, I rather use runes instead. It is easier and just feels more primal.

Also, the Runes are not exclusive to the Anglo-Saxon/Norse/Viking cultures. Similar markings have been found all over world in early Egyptian and early Asian cultures. Sites in Central and South America (Aztec/Inca/Mayan) have them also.



The Language of Angels is a Pure Flow of information.

The Language of Demons are Glyphs of Pure Power and Infernal Vibration


The Celestial Script is Designed to transfer packets of information when it is written