Fallen's Ritual Journal - Amaymon/Azazel

Hello there… I have posted my ritual in my old journal but i haven’t been posting in it a lot lately and im not sure if i want to continue in that journal since it had a lot of the negative memories of the past and in my beginnings. So… here I present my new journal that will be dedicated only to Lucifer Amaymon, and Azazel rituals.

Any other journaling will be in the old journal


OCT 16th - 17th
Ritual time 11:10PM - 12:06AM (started here because its mars and then Saturn’s planetary hours).

So I just got done with the ritual literally. I decided I will write my notes here right away since it might spark something else that i missed.

So I invoked Lucifer-Amaymon and greeted him. Then, I had Azazel’s sigil on the right of his sigil, and Belial’s on the left. I asked who do you want me to invoke? I felt like I was hearing Azazel. So, i was not sure, and decided to use my pendulum to confirm. I asked circle the crystal on top of the sigil of the spirit that u want me to invoke and a line from left to right if its not it. I proceeded and placed my pendulum on top of azazel’s sigil and it swung in a circular motion so fast. I took it as a strong yes, so i switch to belial’s sigil and it started to swing right and left making a line, which is a no. (not gonna lie it made me relieved because i dont want to work with belial again). After that, I asked should i begin to invoke king azazel? and he said yes.

Furthermore, I start to invoke azazel and to be honest since i only invoked him 1 time before, i was surprised he came really fast. I think amaymon had something to do with that part :smiley:

Once Azazel was there… my hearing sense felt as if it was amplified and that i was able to distinguish more between my voice and theirs in my head. Okay, im not gonna bother you with the silly details and i will jump to the convo we had:

Me: So, do you want me invoke Azazel or Belial?
Amaymon: Azazel.

started invoking azazel

Me: Azazel are you here? (i ask because i felt a different shift in the energy from within)
Azazel: Yes.

i want to note that every time i asked a question to amaymon with my pendulum it swung clockwise, however when i used my pendulum to confirm what i heard from azazel it swung counter-clockwise which made me laugh, because i was like i think i put too much insane which making me probably hallucinate)

Me: okay, so Amaymon, tell me? why did you want me to call azazel?
Amaymon: So you learn and develop your senses. (here i think he meant to say not to rely on my pendulum a lot and learn to use my senses that needs development)
Me: Does that mean you want me to work with Azazel for my legal matter too?
Amaymon: No, I will help you with that.
Me: Okay, thank you.

Me: So why are you here Amaymon? Is it to introduce me to Azazel?
Amaymon, No, I am here for something else.

Me: What is that?
Amaymon: No response.

Me with a frustrated tone: Is it to work on my senses with Azazel?
Amaymon: Yes.
Me: Okay, lets begin. Do you want me to close my eyes?

Amaymon, No. Gaze at Azazel’s sigil.
Me: Hmm, is that so? (i said it in a laughable way - because after i invoked azazel the atmosphere of the temple was really serious and quite like).
Amaymon: Yes because I know you will get lost with your thoughts.
Me: (I just smiled because that is so true about me and i didnt expect it).

All this time my communion was only with Amaymon, and azazel didnt say a word which felt weird in a way but made me feel amaymon rank and power. I felt how patient and respectful azazel is.

Me: I felt like amaymon wanted to leave and that his work is done, so I… thanked amaymon and told him that i appreciated him being in my life and supporting me. Then:
Me: Azazel… shall we return to work? (i went back and gazed at his sigil and after 3 - 5 minute maybe)

Azazel: Okay we are done for tonight.
Me: thats it? okay.
Me: would this be a reoccurring thing ?
Azazel: yes.
Me: which day do you want me to evoke you from now on?
Azazel: what is today?
Me: oh right Saturday. Okay will do, but for how long?
Azazel: 9 - Nine Saturdays.
Me: will do, and thank you.

that means (OCT 23rd and 30th - Nov 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th - Dec 4th, 11th, and 18th) I will be invoking him to work on my senses. I decided to look up the dates so its easier for me to remember when i started and when i will finish the working.

Side note (Those who want to know about my psychic senses): my sensational sense is very open and my hearing sense is a little bit open although i think my anxiety is what makes me paranoid and question if its me or the spirit which made me rely a lot on my pendulum. However, my third eye is not really open. I still cant preserve spirits, but sometimes i get quick flashes of visions. However, I have seen two spirits with my own eyes, one at a time for each.
Okay the ritual took from 35-45 minutes, and im pretty exhausted. Thank you and hope to hear your opinions.

Be Blessed


Would you like the other journal closed?


Yes please… since im going to be fully focused the next 2 to 3 months on azazel and amaymon.


Done. If you ever want to use it again, just ask for it be reopened :+1:


Thank you dark… much appreciated

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So… today i was surfing BALG and came to a comment @DarkestKnight made to another member on successful incantations that members have reported to enhance their senses:

Before i start using them… im going to ask if azazel pointed me to them since we are working on enhancing my senses because I dont want him to think i dont believe in his power, I do.


Moreover, I came across this:

which i will be also asking azazel if that what he wants me to meditate and exercise on between each Saturday.

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That one I’d suggest only to be done with consenting entities. If they don’t consent it I think it could go very badly for you. But I suggest asking C.Kendall whether it’s only to be used with the consent of the entity or not since it’s his suggested incantation you’d be using. (Or else Fasto whoever he is/was if you know how to contact him it’s creator/channeler).

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I just quoted that for future reference. I am not planning to use the possession incantation.

In terms of contacting Fasto, I dont think I will do that with all due respect to the entity. He shared his knowledge and I appreciate that, but I am working with azazel not him. So, thats why i was like I will ask azazel if i found those incantations due to his desire. and if so, then i will be using it. Even though, I believe azazel is enough. He is strong and way powerful than any incantation. To me, i think all what i need is my will and his guidance and influence. Note: im replying to this after listing 3 times to azazels enn, and still listening. So… i dont know.

On another side point, I appreciate your suggestion and insight.

update after listening to the enn for 1 hour… I took pendulum and asked if he wanted me to use it? and the pendulum moved by itself right to left and backwards, which to me is no. Hail Azazel. Maybe it was a test to see if i believe in him.

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Hello everyone, here is a small update after starting to work with azazel.

So, two nights in a row i have been dreaming to have sexual intercourse with a female (note im pansexual- i dont care about gender - also i haven’t been with a female for over 3 years now). Anyway, the first dream i was on a bed on top of this white female who looked really sexy. I saw that there was someone laying next to us on the left side looking at us, i cant tell who it is. in the dream i didnt really care or think of it. I was focused on that baby maker :smiley: It felt so real that i can remember it.

The second night, I have another dream of me having sexual intercourse with another female, but i was not sure who it was and of my surroundings, like the first one.

Im trying to make sense of this? you would ask why? well i dont usaully dream and last time i dreamt was over a month or two. and for sure i dont think of women even to pleasure myself. So, i really found it weird. I wonder if that is a familiar of azazel supposed to pleasure me or that its a parasite. Or that it is something else.

Side note: im not even sure this is from azazel or related to me working with him. But, i thought i should post it here, because both times i meditated on azazels enn before sleeping.

I would really like to hear some thoughts about this, what y’all think?


OCT 23rd 2021
Invocation of Azazel - Pact making

So instead of the 9 Saturdays working, I decided few days ago to do a pact with Azazel. I called him couple days ago to agree on the points of the contract (what I will offer and what he will offer). Today, I invoked him and made the pact.

Here is few notes on the pact:

1- I think i experienced full possession for the first time.
2- He took a lot of blood on the sigil, candles, pact it self.
3- Before i even started given my blood, earth was spinning so fast and i felt really dizzy. Which remind me of an invocation of lucifer 2 years ago that i felt as i reached what is called the rapture state.
4- Seeing what he chose as a signature when he signed the pact was really interesting and unexpected.

So… may the 90 days begin today. Few important dates for my reference:

OCT 30th - Nov 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th - Dec 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Jan 1st - 8th - 15th.

Be Blessed.

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I’d love to hear about your possession experience and if you have more experienced I’d love to hear about them too.

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in terms of full possession, I dont want to lie and say i experienced a lot, but I think it was really my first and haven’t really happened before. Even with my pact with king Belial. However, I will be happy to share my experience with you even though i dont think there is much to say, very soon. For now, I need to get my mind off the ritual and pact for the night.

Be Blessed


Oct 26th 2021

Azazel sigil tattoo’d

Since this is my first sigil tattoo… I am planning on keeping an eye on my emotions and changes in a energetic level and posting it here as well.

Be Blessed


Oct 27th 2021
Alter setup (nothing much just a humble & genuine energy)


Thinking to use this incantation given by @C.Kendall

“ i’kmaz tal’intol Itz sah’kilol “

while meditating.

So its done

Nov 13th

So its done.

Little update:

I have been giving offering to Azazel since we have a pact and I am working with him. Since Amaymon started the work between me and Azazel and specifically since I made the pact I haven’t felt a strong calling to summon amaymon but a strong wanting to connect with him since i have not in a while. I feel like a betrayed him in a way. Also, one of the parts of my work with azazel is help me with something and for a week and half now I have not been doing my part and I feel like I am letting azazel down. I do not know to be honest. But, I know see how patient Azazel is. It makes u feel shameful of yourself honestly.