=Facts and Information on Incubus demons

Hey, does anyone know any information or facts on incubi? Im juts curious
thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Someone wants wattpad material :upside_down_face:


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I just looked at it. Interesting how you mentioned that website as I only found out about it from this forum

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Hey I will if I open an account one day, but if you want information,your best bet is


i guess…

Male demons who have the ability to shapeshift into any human or animal form, dark energy as their elemental energy, has the ability to genderbend into succubus as succubus to Incubus. Like Succubus their true form looks human with minor demonic traits be it horns, tail, both, some normal eyes, some serpentine eyes. Ones with “low” energy system require sexual energy or some form of energy to live to the best of their ability and those with “high” energy systems do not and only do so through means of pleasure.


have u seen one in his true actually form before? if u have… can u describe it?

I just did describe it.


You should never believe any single thing coming from Velenos trust me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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im saying if u seen on in his actual form like face to face…

oh how come??

The fact I described it means I have, and what I described that’s what they looked like.


oh… :confused:

Just kidding lol did you even read what he said? :joy: He wrote everything you asked

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…um ok?



do u know what they eat??

or what their behaviour like??

Your energy, or whatever/whoever gives them energy.

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