=Facts and Information on Incubus demons

So you asked again after reading the answer, now I am showing you again and your answer is you aint blind?? Maybe you are not but you are immature at best lol, I am gonna wash my hand away from this thread.


The “spiritual” plane has food, they’re capable of eating food however “low” energy ones dont get much out of it, they need sexual energy at best, but they can live off other energy sources, it’s just not as “filling” for them.


oh because my incubus lover (his name is elija) he told me he eats raw meat and bad souls


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i guess… :confused:

what about malachi

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hes still with me dont worry.

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??? um…


nothing it says u removed some post .

I asked how many demon lovers you had but decided to remove it

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its np i have 3 one female and two males (the female is eli’s sis)

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PM me privately tho…

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