Facebook a parasite? Maybe

So just an observation but I have come to the conclusion that facebook itself is a form of parasite. I find myself poisoned by it’s useless existence


it’s just mostly a complete waste of time.


I have to agree from above
I despite this social network but I have to stay on it because the whole family is on it and use it a lot

And sometimes I caught myself looking at some video that really has no use but is hypnotising me, because of their algorythm they just know what is attracting my attention and can make me stay longer on their f*ing site I hate it, even tho I know all of that I still get caugh into wasting time for 5-10 mins from time to time


All the while they are getting paid for you using the site.


I’d say yeah in some way it’s an parasitic entity
But a very human made one

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I deleted my account in November. It is much harder to stay in touch with certain people. I should’ve just deleted the Facebook app but kept messenger. Overall though I don’t regret it.


I so understand you but now I’m even a group leader (nothing big) but I still have to manage it because I use that part weekly. I really can’t just let it go for now
Plus I’ll have to use it later for other purpose Because there is so much attraction on it

So meh I’ll have to suffer for a few years then I’m going to use it at my avantage :joy:


I feel you there, I do miss some of the groups.

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I did a deep dive into this (from the practical point of view) here: Things our society has lost or forgotten: could true magick be one? - #14 by Lady_Eva


I’ve naturally fallen away from Facebook. Surprisingly enough, I actually use it far less now during the global pandemic than I did prior to 2020. It’s kind of odd, looking back at it. I just sort of…stopped logging in for some reason :man_shrugging:

I don’t have a personal smart phone, only a business one, and I do use FB Messenger on it to keep in touch with a few non-local pals and family, but that’s about it. I only log into the main site every three or four of weeks, if even that.


I envy your level of self control


It’s not really about self control. I simply don’t feel a need to go there anymore. It rarely crosses my mind these days to check Facebook, even when I’m bored, and I can’t even tell you why I stopped in the first place. It’s like it simply ceased to be a necessary part of my daily activities.

In all honesty, it’s really weird the way it happened. Three weeks passed before I even realised I hadn’t been on FB. I suspect there was magick involved, though I cannot pinpoint anything I did specifically, so it’s just a guess, but it’s too odd to be the result of anything else.

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Facebook is usefull. There are people doing rituals live and stuff. Very interesting active working groups and more

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It can be a parasite

Like anything you can control how it affects you

Or you can give it all your energy and be consumed by it

I spend far more time here than FB

Using my smartphone

Is balg a parasite? Only if I do nothing else and allow a balg addiction to consume me

It sure is. Information has way of working into consciousness that is very parasitical. It reduces attention, judgement, sensible evaluation, gives a false sensei of ego and individuality, perverts value, shift interests to consuming totally unnecessary and dangerous things and so on. Of course FB is not alone in that perverted scheme.

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You’re right - not just facebook, but those behind why all mainstream media is as it is, it might be those guys you’re sensing.

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I found that it was getting very polarized. Even in some occult/magick groups. Don’t need that mess so I deleted my profile a while ago.

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I wouldn’t go to the extent of calling it a parasite unless you are toxic and go on there to be toxic and feed toxicity. Otherwise it’s no different than using BALG just wider variety of information.

I use it simply because I want to keep in touch with the first friends I made online when I was 14 from other countries but also to keep in touch with family outside of my siblings and mother, I’ve also through Facebook come to connect with a Facebook group that is entirely composed of people from my paternal side of the family sharing photos of ancestors and the likes. I’ve also connected with various groups of practitioners who have a variety of different backgrounds even the Facebook “dark magicians” have some variety to them lol.

So like aforementioned it seems only a parasite to those who feed into that very parasitic behavior.

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I use Facebook only because it has a lot of occult groups.
To me seems like a waste of time to just look at other people’s pictures which is intended use I believe.

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Rav is right. Facebook is useful because it can boost your ascent, You get out of it what you need. If your someone who uses it because your obsessed with wasting your time looking at pictures of other people then that is your fault. If you use it to participate in group rituals and gain spiritual knowledge then it is useful. Even gaining knowledge in general can be done there.