Extremely unsettling experience with Tibetan singing bowls

So, at some point in my life (many years ago when I had nothing to do with magick) I attended an event organized by itinerant Tibetan monks who came to the city where I live. It was a live performance of monks playing the Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and bells of different kinds. Just before the event commenced one of the monks warned all the people gathered that different people react to this type of performance in a different manner. Not long after the monks started performing the music I’ve felt probably the most unsettling and intense sensation of my life, I felt as if my head was about to explode, and as if some unknown power hated me to the core of my being and wanted to destroy me. No visions or messages except that all-pervading sense of hatred accompanied that experience. I literally ran away from the venue. It was the most palpable “spiritual pain” that I’ve ever experienced. What makes this phenomenon even stranger is that my friends I was meeting later that night said that I looked extremely pale and sort of “unlilike myself”. Can someone try to explain to me what happened there, because to this very day I have not the faintest idea? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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@thekingofswords Would you be so kind as to go and respond the @DarkestKnight in your intro thread?
It really helps us get a bead on what level to answer questions like these at.

Based on your intro so far I’m guessing you don’t have any tools that you could have used at the time to understand your energy body and watch what changes were happening. So we don’t have much info to go on but I’m going to make a stab at it. :smiley:

Speaking as an energy working of the qigong variety, my feeling is the vibrations dislodged energetic blocks in your system caused by emotional trauma. Because the energy was loosened you were able to feel it again.

This often happens in energy work, not just with singing bowls but also other modalities. When you’re working with a healer you should get the support you need to clear it. This is done by the healer manually removing it for you, or you can push it into the Earth yourself while it’s loose.

As you ran away, it’s possible that it’s at last partially inside you somewhere, as qi can get habituated and without being told where else to go it tends to relax back into where it was.

The next thing to think about is what caused this particular feeling, which sounds like the classic feeling of what we here call a parasite.

I had a parasite once that was attracted by and exacerbated depression in order to feed on that energy, and what you describe sounds exactly what I felt from it empathetically when I removed it. It absolutely hated me. Probably because it hated being discovered and ejected, which meant it’s death, so to be fair I was the bad guy in it’s mind. :slight_smile:

So my recommendation here, if you want it, is to perform some basic spiritual hygiene and cleansing exercises, see if you can root it out and get it gone. Every mage wants to have a way to check their energy for external energy and thoughts that don’t belong, and cleanse themselves on a moments notice. That’s why this is a “basic”, it’s a fundamental part of staying sane in magickal practice. :+1:

If you want to be nice, we have a tool here that unwanted lesser entities can be welcomed to as an alternative home that you can use. This is assuming this is a parasite that was created due to some unremembered trauma you suffered. (You don’t have to relive it to clear this energy.)

If you’re interested in what I did to clear my nasty energy form of which this reminds me, I wrote it up here :

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Sure no problem, I have responded to @DarkestKnight’s post by editing my original post one year ago immediately when he has brought it to my attention and you can see in his response to my introduction that he has acknowledged my reply. As for the rest, thank you for your advice.

I see. Thank you for that! :smiley: :+1: