Extreme atheist’s left hand path to creating your own magickal system

Anyone who has read the great creator Timothy Donahue will know lhp is the path to Godhood. This path should be free from religion and dedicated to achieving Godhood.

I see many black magicians claiming to be lhp who follow religious based magick. This should not be. I’m not saying they are not lhp. I’m saying they are approaching lhp from the wrong way.

True lhp magicians should develop their own magickal formula based on their own Godself. Design new rituals. Forge their own path. Not follow everyone else who professes to be on the lhp.

Lhp should be a uniquely personal thing for each who follow. Anyone who tells you that something you do is wrong while on the lhp is hindering the lhp for you and themselves. No one should impose their own limitations and beliefs on anyone else.

Followers of the true lhp are the most powerful magicians their are because the only limitations they have are the ones they choose.

A word of caution to all who would tell a lhp what can or cannot be done. To be proven wrong by lhp magicians can be costly.


I greatly concur with this!

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Truly your Godself speaks to you. My your conversations with each other be bountiful.

I agree with this, however if you are led to follow a religion that is grounded in lhp magick then who is to say whether you are part of the lhp or not.


Only your Godself can say if you truly follow the lhp. If there is a religion that worships that then yes.

Isn’t this exactly what you are doing right now with this post saying someone cannot have a religious perspective on the LHP?

With this line right here, you are trying to dictate what the LHP should be, which contradicts your statement that no one should tell you if something you do is wrong. There can be no “wrong way” to approach the left hand path, if the LHP is, as you say, uniquely personal.


I wouldn’t say I “follow religious base magick.” True, I prefer to utilize magick from the books but that’s because of my level. I don’t believe I’m at a point where I can break off and rely on my own creativity.

As an aspiring game designer, I’ll use this analogy. I like exploring games that already exist so I can get ideas and inspiration for my own.


How can you aspire to be a God while worshipping another?


What @DarkestKnight said. LHP is not exclusive, you can mix and match.

Also, it’s A path to ‘godhood’. It’s certainly not the only one.

You’re a god right? you can have your cake and eat it too.


RHP can include a component of worship but for many just means ‘harm none’.

Again, you’re a god, you own the universe so you can do whatever you like with it. If you want to get all fuzzy about another god, I don’t want to see it but I’ll not deny a god the right to do it.

You’re thinking small, and dualistically, expand your thinking.


A word of caution to all who would tell a lhp what can or cannot be done. To be proven wrong by lhp magicians can be costly.

:joy: Ok, that’s pretty funny. “A word of caution” - try not to tell black magicians what to do, speak for them, or make veiled threats on an LHP forum?

I personally like to think I do not have the kinds of character flaws that cause me to start a witch war with people simply for having a different opinion. Not everyone gives as few fucks as me though.


It’s very simple that’s the very essence of Theosophy. It is only by worshipping a god that I realize what being a god means.


How can you dictate what qualifies as Left Hand Path?

The Left Hand Path is a philosophy, and as such, it can be interpreted in many ways. Demonolatry is a religious practice that embraces the demonic as Divine, yet no one here would doubt that it is LHP.

Apparently, you have never heard of the Path of Devotion. EA talks about it in the final chapter of his book Works of Darkness. It is a path that can lead to great power and Ascension. His experience with the god he calls “D” proves that. Would you now claim that EA isn’t Left Hand because he bent his knee to this god?

Here’s the thing about being a “god.” Only you get to decide what will bring you power. If that is bending the knee to something, then that is what you do. The individual magician alone makes that decision. Not you, not me, not anyone else. Your criteria of “true” LHP is just that, your criteria. It applies to absolutely no one else but you.

I recently had a consultation with EA about my current struggles and that I was thinking about doing the Abramelin Operation. I asked him if it was compatible with the Left Hand Path and he laughed and said absolutely, because the point of it isn’t just to receive the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (which isn’t an actual angel, by the way) but to devote yourself to the practice. That is where the power lies, in making the time and effort to do the prayers and meditations.

By your ridiculous criteria, someone who devotes themselves to Azazel or Satan or Belial isn’t LHP and that is simply not true.


I believe there is a diference on sharing experiences and following ‘right or wrong’. We are all students on the same path, the OP contradicts himself when he’s the one imposing his own beliefs on a LHP forum.
If we all knew the path to Becoming a God we wouldn’t be in this forum of the first place.


Then what is it? Aleister Crowley did the Abrameline ritual to contact your Holy Guardian Angel three times, and it is a very important part of Thelema, to establish contact with your H.G.A.

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Holy Guardian Angel is just the term the translators of the material (Mathers and Crowley) at the time used to describe the being because it fit their belief system. From the experiences I’ve read by various people, it is something much more than an angel though.

Personally, I’ve always conceptualized it as a shard of the GodSelf, a piece of the Greater You, so to speak. When I asked EA, he simply said it isn’t an angel but didn’t elaborate (EA has done the Abramelin Operation himself so I assume he is speaking from his own experience).


–Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice


If you can rationally and logically explain why you use man made dieties who cannot exist without belief in them to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming your truest self then by all means enlighten me

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But what would be the point of enlightening you?



Alright poor choice of words. Should have used educate