Experiences with the Djinn

I’d be interested to hear other people’s experiences with the Djinn. I have two experiences I’ll share briefly to start us off.

My last teacher ( a truly amazing Magician) past about 2 years ago but for two years before that we had amazing medium or channelling sessions with what turned out to be a Marid.

This spirit could easily tell you about your immediate past present and future, it loved to tell stories with double meanings ( or more) , it loved plays on words and such. This spirit enjoyed telling riddles and puzzles and would occasionally grant a wish. ( Occasionally). It took me a long time to determine what it was. I asked it one day what are you. It said “married” and laughed. ( It always laughed) married, married wtf…ohhh Marid…I get it…
After the teachers passing I never encountered the spirit again.

Second. I was in my living room workshop at about 2 am and coming from my bed room into the hallway was this this brilliant flash of fiery light. It scared the devil out of me. When I turned to face it it was gone. I was terrified to check my room as I had no idea what would be waiting for me inside…alas it was gone.
I have no idea WHAT that was but it during a time of heavy research and work with the Djinn.

This class of being is absolutely fantastically interesting to me.
Anyone else care to share?


I have different experiences. I have seen a kind of Djinn of a lower class. This Djinn is easier to handle. But the magic through this Djinn is weak.
During the summoning, the jinn emerged from a corner of the room. The jinn was red in color and of human shape.
But the jinn was clearly visible.

And I had answers to questions through yes and no. The Djinn shook his head for yes and no.
At that point I was in a square that I drew on the floor for protection.
After this I thanked the Djinn

The Djinn has a manual that you must follow.
Arabic is often required when summoning the Djinn.
You can do really strong magic if you know how it works.
Making mistakes can be fatal.
Really is not a joke.
My uncle had said the wrong names of some Djinns during the call.
He was immediately attacked
And was crazy for a few months.


You’re absolutely right about that.

Thanks for sharing your experience on the subject. Fascinating.


From what I can tell you really need to have an understanding of what djinn are actually like/djinn culture in order to use em properly. Some people naturally have an affinity for working with them.

Also, they really do smell like sandalwood. Or like a burning campfire scent. Might as well rename sandalwood incense to “djinn musk” lmao.


That’s a very good bit of information about the sandlewood I’ll file that away mentally…thx.

I agree with you about needing to understand them. I’ve got a couple books on the subject that verify some of my upg with the djinn.

They can be a very challenging, dangerous, yet rewarding class of spirits to work with.


Work with “upg” (god I hate that term) more than books when it comes to that stuff.

Pro tip- Never let a djinn know that you know that they are a djinn. Middle eastern genie enslavement has done a number on their culture as a species. Just be nice, at the very least.

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I appreciate your advice on that…
I’m not the kind of Magician that seeks to enslave the djinn.
My purpose is to make contact, be friendly, come together and collaborate.
I have a policy if being direct with spirits but humble and soft-spoken.
Only if they start behaving aggressively do I react with hostility.

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Djinn don’t have an issue with you knowing they’re Djinn lol, Djinn while many of them distrust humans due to enslavement they won’t down right attack you on the spot. Many will actually tell you they’re Djinn lol.


I think velenos is right on that. Yes they will tell you what they are… sometimes cryptically sometimes you have to figure it out…or we’ll I had to.

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My experience with Djinn was projecting to their realm which they had to bring me there. They have various kings and some who don’t care for their royalty. Many of the Djinn do trade and many of them make amazing things, their realm is has a very exotic look to it golden sands, silks, and so forth.

They were all respectful and nice to me, I’ve from time to time have certain escapades with a few Djinn for the experience, but I’ve also seen what a Djinn can be like when disrespected of course not aimed at me but I’ve watched.


That sounds absolutely fantastic man. I’d love to see something like that.

you have indd Djinns who are loved by magicians.
They call these:
Al Muhibiin (The affectionate ones) are known for their loyal favors.
The names can be found in oriental magic books.
The Djinns of the seven planets are also quite safe. see here:


That would explain why they dont mind. If you’re interacting with a djinn that is more “earth native” or for some reason has been on earth for thousands and thousands of years, there is a difference between them and more foriegn genie type spirits. The type I’m thinking of, will sometimes just automatically shut down their magical power like an uncontrollable reflex if their identity is known. They developed it as an anti enslavement mechanism.

But, I guess the new methods out there have you contact djinn communities from their home planes directly. So, that would make a difference.

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but I assume you know the necessary incantations and precautions.
It is true what you say that there are different Djinns with their own king and kingdom.


There is no necessary incantations.

but yes there’s different Jinn.

Jinn span as far back as ancient Mesopotamia.


AWESOME link velenos you rock!

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You can work safely with the Djinn on the basis of certain rituals. I think we have a big disagreement. About the danger if you just start calling. . I really don’t recommend this to anyone.


Maybe it’s just dangerous for you? it could be they simply do not trust you. As for me, my experiences with them are through projection and I have had no reason to fear them and vice versa. I do not do indirect magick, I do direct magick.

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Believe me I have enough knowledge to know what I’m talking about. When it comes to the Djinn.
I am arab.
And what you say you can work with Djinns just like that.
I have never heard of this.
Once again it is your story.
And I don’t believe you.
Especially when you are taken by the Djinn you should never share this so openly.
Anyway, I was not there.

I wish you the best.

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Lol say what now?