Experiences evoking Aamon?

So about 5 months ago, my wife noticed my interest in the occult and the demons of the Goetia. She asked me what I knew about Aamon, so I just told her what I knew from reading from the Goetia and other resources which honestly wasn’t a lot. She also asked me if I would be interested in evoking Aamon together. This is also when I stumbled upon Become a Living God on youtube. I told her that I was interested but I wanted to prepare myself first, so I have spent the past five months realigning my chakras using meditation. But it has been a very difficult time due to a career change, moving to a new house, and the deaths of loved ones. My question is do any of you have any experiences evoking this particular spirit? If so, any tips as to what I should expect?

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First post an introduction here please.

It’s one of the rules, thanks and welcome. :smiley:

Aamon is a pretty nice guy all in all, i’ve noticed he’s mostly indifferent to the whole light/dark, heaven/hell dualism most of the world is at right now, so he’s very user friendly in that way, not an especially baneful spirit so don’t worry about that, although he can bring a great deal of havoc into other people lives if asked to, he’s much more a spirit of divination then anything else with a particular passion for the Tarot so is a good spirit to work with in developing the skill at it.

What you should expect is the same as all evocations, that when you summon him, he will show up, if you ask him questions you will get the answers and if you give him a task that is in his power to do, it will be done. And above all you will be successful.