Evoke or Invoke Belial for the first time

So tonight for the first time ever I decided to work with my first demon, Belial. I’m wondering would evocation be better than invocation for making contact with him for the first time ? I’d like to focus on forming a relationship with him before anything.

Also besides his digit, are there any items I should put out that he may like ? Incense, candles etc.

If there’s any related threads on this please link !
Thanks all !

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I’d suggest evocation because it’s a bit easier in my opinion to handle. When you do invocation to someone your inviting him into you rather then around you. Especially since Iv read he’s not for beginners, I suggest evocation or even just meditating with his sigil to get an idea of what he maybe like to you. That’s what I did with my first. In all honesty I would suggest you finding a more easier one for your first at least for practice until you have a understanding on things I mean unless you were called to him then I understand. As a new person to this side of the world, I have at times been wanting to just go and do work with others that are not beginner friendly but I’m being safe and smart by starting at entry level first. But I also know that some of us just attracts certain ones that we would not imagine we did. :thinking:

Also to add, I suggest not doing a invocation until you know them well enough. Some are a bit on what I call the rich side, meaning their energy maybe a bit much. So unless you have a deep relationship already or have worked enough to have a good understanding of that being or type, I would not suggest invocation. Don’t want any surprises :relaxed:

Also forgot to add about those things. You can look it up on the forum here for what he likes, but given he literally just threw himself into my life yesterday I haven’t had a good chance on what he may like. Iv heard he likes natural things like incense that is natural smelling safe bet frakensence. Color I’d say red. Read he loves red. I used a blue/purple candle because that’s all I have and I was trying to build communication to him. As for offerings, Iv read he’s quite…eh…pushy in a sense that if YOU offer him that or promised that you basically better give him that. So start small but know that most of these beings seem to care more for it coming from the heart then anything els. Iv read he especially loves when you share what you have with him. So maybe share some of your wine or some that cake you gotten for your self. Now I’m not sure how accurate it is that he can be a trickster given I just started to work with him, but just in case don’t offer anything that you either don’t have on hand or is a maybe if I have enough money. Also Iv read that some try and not offer him anything in the beginning and basically he’s the type you do despite some saying you don’t have to or should not to others until what you want is done. That’s why just offer something meaningful but small at first and over time if you do see improvements and you know he helped then by all means offer him something nice. I have made an arrangement with him that basically if he does help me make somethings happen that I’m basically will share a part of that success with him as not just a token of thanks but also to help build a long lasting relationship. :slight_smile:

With Belial show him your not afraid, dont bow down to him, but show him respect. You’ll be fine, he’s a good first demon king to start working with in my opinion. Just remember if you say you’ll do something do it, Belial will hold you to your word.