Evocation of Lucifer Tonight-kind of scared

Okay, so here’s the deal: I have never felt the need or the desire to contact Lucifer at all. He is a spirit that I have never had any particular interest in, or felt any calling towards.

Recently, however, I got a scan from @Micah in the scanning thread and he told me that Lucifer is hanging around me, along with Azazel and a few of the KoF spirits, and he is there with the expressed purpose of “burning away weakness.”

WTH? if you’ll pardon the pun.

I find this information both intriguing and a bit terrifying. I have called upon Azazel before, and am in a relationship with @Eye_of_Ra who is very close to him so I can understand why he would take an interest in me, and I have thought about the particular KoF spirits @Micah named with the intention of summoning them, so I understand why they would be around.

But why Lucifer?

This is the first time I have had a spirit I’ve never called upon or thought about before, pay me a visit. I’ve read about it happening to others on the forum, but I’m pretty well protected by my Higher Self and the bubble around me tends to make me quite insensitive to outside energies so I am a bit shocked that Lucifer has even looked my way.

Which brings me to the fact that I’m a bit scared of him. I do not know why, but I have a fair bit of anxiety about evoking him to “burn away weakness.” I know he is considerably powerful, and maybe it is possible subconscious Christian programming, but I am more afraid of calling him than of any of the Goetic spirits I have dealt with, even the mighty Belial.

I am going to be facing my fear tonight, however, as my curiosity about his presence is stronger than the fear. I want to thank @Micah for pointing me at Lucifer, and @C.Kendall for his thread compiling all the useful information on Lucifer in one place.

I’ll update this with any results I receive.


Good luck brother

Try and use these incantations before calling him they adjust the energies in the atmosphere for his materialization and manifestation to reach a point of critical mass.


Good luck mayne :metal:
Update us on results


Bro, he won’t bite. :wink:


Well, where’s the fun in that? :wink:

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Lol!!! Burn baby burn!!!

You’ll be fine dude!!!

In the name of the infernal Empire, may you burn to ash, to rise as a GOD!!!


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I don’t think anyone can blame you. Sometimes they can turn your life upside down. Best of luck.


You got dis shiet! Just go into it with no thoughts.


You got this, Daddy :heart: :rose:


The fact that this gave raise to fear is not a bad thing. It shows on multiple levels that you understand that to “Burn away weakness” you must sacrifice something. What that something is varies from person to person.


He is patience. And he doesn’t change things that are fine. And yes some things can come to an end.


He’s very gentle and patient. Agitated if you don’t listen, because his messages are so clear. He’s by far the one I feel safest with but my relationship is a little different. Sometimes the lessons are painful but I can assure you he is right there and won’t let you fall. Good luck!


Thank you!

Sadly, I chickened out last night :blush: But today is another day.


Ah don’t be afraid! He’s very considerate with his energy - for me it’s very comforting and hypnotic. And as for burning things away that don’t serve you, it’s not like he screws your whole life up. He brings to surface things that need to be dealt with that are hurting you or hindering you. Somewhat like a purge. But he always gives you the choice what to do. But he makes you look and evaluate these things and decide weather they really serve YOU anymore . You’ll do fine!


Thank you for the encouraging words. I really don’t know why i’m afraid, but I do know that I used that fear as an excuse to be lazy and not go through with the evocation.

I am finding it very strange, to be so nervous, when I’ve been evoking demons and angels for years now. Obviously, there is something within me that doesn’t want what is on offer from Lucifer.


I agree with @AradiaX. I had the same fears, but he gives and leaves positivity. I’m sometimes lazy or do other things, but he does see my other work to. So mostly when i need him he is there.


Just don’t have any expectations of a big bad nasty ruthless guy. He’s not. But facing yourself gets uncomfortable, and that’s the sucky part. Things I never thought I’d look at again got brought up and it was a little overwhelming. But honestly it’s the best thing almost like a whole new life . He doesn’t push you, more like gives you new eyes to evaluate things differently. He truly is the greatest, I love him very much.


You’re scared? I’m having to evoke eight archangels in a few hours for my rite.

I’d rather have the Archangels than Lucifer.

Eight of them, including Death? All at once?

Here’s the list:
Michael, Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Tzadkiel, Haniel, Cassiel, and Azrael.

Seven planetary-aligned archangels and the archangel of death himself.

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