Summoning incantation of Lucifer's Light and Darkness

Summoning Lucifer’s light.

" tremos sankah yema pholos kala mena kabaray sinc dremo
dula seme yaza sitra alas fue rumo dene pah rah sol deme’yis
exu’indor kala’fay yumay dama, jen oose zaza thin’mon ghoul
em ay lucifer iama set er ray yaza kala dren yune pule imos
ee en ya santay sock’omos lil inte pool’yema aye pool’yema aye ".

Summoning Lucifer’s darkness.

" Kala say senakamus men ooke saunt om may
inz dremes ol’fontay sal’pal’mah cron oz salat’fay,
fendrensen talamala lucifer seakz gonos fue asamas
sentem dramaz hue’bulin kay estos famala suin rept
tinmon peft duin kala supe kal’min’duke kal’min’duke
vil’alent ay sonck aronck pheloosh amazaye amazaye ".

I channeled these words of demonic power from Lucifer himself, these incantations are bursting with powerful vibrations delivering light and darkness from the father of hell, from the emperor himself.

Chant these words with will and expect a shock wave of total fucking power.




Thanks a lot :pray:t2:

When and for what would you use this?


Can i get a pronunciation guide?


Received your answer ???
I think it can be used before rituals

It can be used to increase Lucifers manifestation in evocation, it also summons the totality of Lucifer as it calls on both his dark and light aspects.


Can this be used to banish a demon permanently