Entities to help with Soul Travel

^I’m in a very similar position with regard to past experiences and lucid dreaming. Currently working on that elusive conscious separation by toggling between visualising the room then moving about it in unison with my exhales, pulling myself out using tactile imagination as well as simply enacting my body of light floating out and sensing the movement.

@ZachD555 - I am very interested in this. I have lucid dreams but am still having trouble projecting. At least consistently.

This method really works and has helped me a lot when I had severe problems with projection.
However the alarm didn’t work for me because when I make the slightest movement to turn it off I wake up completely and I can’t go back to sleep immediately. So I found on the internet a program that is called OBE Timer. I downloaded some presets and I transfered the file in my mp3 player. There are files which are named “one hour silence” or something like that so I can make different combinations to ensure that I will have enough time to fall asleep before the alarm sound goes off.
In the begining it was hard for me to remain still when I was woken up by the sound but eventually I did it.

Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been slow to start the Travelling Without Moving group. I was hit with the nastiest case of Bronchitis this past week. Fever, sweats, and coughing up blood. It fucking sucked to say the least. I did manage to have a small, yet controlled astral adventure.

I left my body early this morning as I was fading in and out of sleep. I was asleep on the couch and used a roll out method. The back of my couch touches an outside wall so when I rolled out I was at the apartment pool. I walked around the corner and found my front door. Entered my house and saw myself laying on the sofa. Then I proceeded to my bedroom where the gateway of Retzel is drawn on my mirror. I became fixated on my reflection, but then lost the projection. I’m not sure why, but I woke up.

This projection was controlled to a certain degree, but was less real than other projections I’ve experienced. A quick side note: alter the place that you sleep. Always produces interesting experiences for me.


I’ve never heard of merslide is there another name for this demon? Is he in the goetia of the 72 demons

Any personal experience with him?

I’ve seen something very similar to this before, but I’ve never called Hentyos for this. Very interesting…



You will Thank me.

I worked with thalos for a long time, but still can’t soul travel

You worked with Thalos but still can’t soul travel.

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Yes. I gave daily offerings. Evoked daily. Put his sigil under my pillow. Did soul travel techniques with his sigil on me. Nothing happened.

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I find people rely too much on entities to help with projection, build a foundation, work on it yourself, then maybe evoke an entity to help you after you have formed your own foundation, a entity is more likely going to do fine guiding you but they’re not going to sit and hold your hand.

Pulling you out doesnt help you because your senses wont really just kick in you’ll just be blind and “soul travel” and astral travel aint the same thing.


… with anything. I agree Velenos with what you’ve written above. I understand what a challnage it is to build-up your own skills - IMHO i still struggle with that - but we are beings/spirits too. It is good to evolve by aquiring new skils. And satisfaction from accomplishment is a way bigger! :smiling_imp: Be de devil you’d like to evoke :innocent:

Pro Tip - If you choose to work not too hard yet with regular pace I can assure you the results will come faster than you think, but not like in one week. When I am willing to learn new skill I give myself at least 3 month to half year frame.

And one more, If you train yourself what you get will be yours forever. And this is a way to be a sovereign!