Enslavement spell

Man, the only one who talks about this or that religion here is you. The only one trying to lecture people who do whatever they want with their lives, again, it’s you. It’s you the one who is trying to judge any moral aspects here.

You sound more Christian than anyone here.

Again: you don’t have to know why or accept anything. Your moral stuff is for you to resolve.

Let people walk their own path.


Thank you, @ebdr, I will try this. I did the contact spell again and it just keeps working - so far so good. He would contact anyway but the simple ritual makes the contact come sooner and more frequently.

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How do your evoke Raphael?

I think this just happened to me!!!

My spell made my target end/take a break with me. I was seeing someone on and off casually (friends with benefits) but I wanted more. I wanted him to “lust” and “desire me” as a girlfriend.

He would talk to me and see me etc. I decided a spell was needed. Unfortunately this resulted in the opposite. He has called everything off and basically gone from my life.

Is this because the spell confused him? Was he having feelings and thoughts he didn’t want to have for me? So maybe he was thinking of me all the time and he didn’t want these feelings for me. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hmmm no. Have you done a tarot spread to find out why? Or intuited in some other way?

I don’t read cards or know how to?

You should learn and look up tutorials on YouTube, they’re very helpful for situations like this.

Ok. I will do.

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Not exactly, but i can give you more insight into the male perspective here.

A friends with benefits situation is joyful from male viewpoint, becouse of the freedom which is still in place.
The moment you ask for a relationship out of a friends with benefits situation,
you basically say, give up your freedom, in order for more stability, and binding, to take place.

Now, of course, that’s probably taken care off by someone else - otherwise the fwb wouldn’t be such an interesting option for him.

The best way to takle this, is to make him slowly move their trust and reliance into you, while the fwb goes on. That emotionally binding, can’t be done over night, since you’re basically cutting the cord towards the parents or regular girlfriend, which is currently taking care of those needs.

In rare cases, the guy may actually be providing those things completely on his own,
but usually those have a craving to share their comfort with the girl they love,
so it’s either someone he’s not ready to deal with, becouse he put her on a pedastale, gloryfied her and beliefs to be below her value,
or because he’s not mature enough to provide for anyone besides himself.
Which again, doesn’t make much sense, if not relying on some outside source.
Maybe a teacher, sport, being in his main focus.

If one of these apply, you can identify it either by how much time and value he spends into it,
or by how relient he is on it.
Once you identified it, you have to replace it, or join it, and slowly transfair that focus to yourself.

Of course, all of that can be aided with spellcraft and demonic intervention.

Lastly, there may be a fear of getting to be a father to early.

That, however is a complete own topic,
and i’m not really good at adressing this area.

(mainly becouse i do like that fear inside of my own life,
and used it successfully to avoid pretty devastating outcomes that might have happened if i haven’t had it installed within me.)

But i think, when the emotional binding has successfully transfaired to you,
and you’ve became his focus and “home”, it’ll go away due to the love, and he may actually mention it by himself, trying to test the grounds and carefully asking for how far you think he is. -(he’ll propably frame it a “we” question scenario, don’t be fooled by that, just look out for if he’s anxious while asking, or confident. anxious means he’s not ready, confident means he is ready and wants to make sure you are aswell.)

Note, these explenations come from someone who’s actually lived Polygamic,
and expierienced those relationships himself.



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Spells do work and I have so much belief in them. The first time I saw him after the spell was cast (approx 3/4 weeks after the spell was cast) there was such a change in him.

Unfortunately not the change I expected from him. Creating feelings in someone doesn’t necessary mean that he/she will act upon them and declare their love to you or commitment.

Sometimes, it could do the opposite. As in my case. He’s done a 360.

Will the spell still be affecting him even though we are not talking to each other anymore?

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I think the spell will always effect him until you release it. But I could be wrong.

Possibly. I think I should release it? I don’t want him to be fighting a battle in his own mind.

If it were me I wouldn’t. Pursue other things and people and then months down the line he might run to you desperately, and then you have that as another option. But yeah depends on your own moral compass xD

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True. I might just wait a few months so see what manifests if anything.

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hello ebdr

how did you get this guy to become obsessed with you?

i am looking to bring back my ex and for him to be like this with me

do you do spells for other people?


Your posting in every thread, please post an introduction and introduce yourself.

Hello Elodie, where have you been? Would like to ask you more about this enslavement spell