Enslavement spell

so… some of you guys know that i’ve been working on an enslavement work with demons.
so far so good but…
the guys is obsessed with me from the morning to the night not one hour without sending a text message, but we did not meet yet (online dating)!

and here is the probleme- on this particular case, the guy is “engagement” phobic, that means he cannot even plan at what time he is going to eat, or when he is going to the grocery store, planning an event is a nightmare for him, and even though he wants to see me which is confirmed by demons, he cannot overcome his fear of “planning” saying me meet tomorrow make him feel as if he is loosing his freedom and he is scared to cancel ( lol)

how can i break this thought pattern? who can i call, knowing that Paimon is already involved in this…

when the ritual will be completed, i’ll share with you guy the entire ritual


Wait… Wait. Are you saying you wove a spell of subjugation over this guy intending it to be a love spell? Way off.

In fact, you are probably making him crazy.


Evoke raphael to heal his phobia. What you described can be done by strong love spell also. To make sure that he is indeed your slave, make him do stuff weird or funny, that will confirm success of your ritual for sure.

By the way if you keep the spell intact for long term, he will slowly start to go mad.


How frustrating.

Hm forcing someone to be your slave so they’ll date you, I might try that if my luck doesn’t improve.


Take this weirdly :grinning:

You can’t find a date? You seem attractive via pic, waz the deal?


I’m under the impression that in past lives I’ve had really bad heartbreak.

I couldn’t find another guy to date when I was younger. Guys I were interested in weren’t interested in me, and had issues. When I was 22 I had my first boyfriend, and although I’m sure he is a soul mate, there wasn’t a lot of chemistry or attraction there. He dumped me after 6 months cause he’s stupid, plus has anxiety.

And I’ve been single since. Waiting for someone I’m interested in to be interested in me. I worry I might be sabotaging myself by being negative about it all. Even though I’m trying and doing everything right.

If it weren’t for my incubus partner I would’ve gone nuts xD Libras pretty much define their lives by love.


Ahh I get it, you are not sowing the seeds of love. Time to get out there and break the comfort zone.


There’s not really a place to go to meet gay guys, except like clubs all the way in Sydney. I’m doing what I can on plenty of dating apps though. Just have not been lucky.


Sorry if this is sidetracking from your post ebdr

But yeah, you know how people apparently have abusive relationships or bad heartbreaks because it’s a karmic pattern? Well I’ve had a love-at-first-sight experience with someone I never expected to be with anyway, and the one relationship I did have never hurt me at all. And so it seems like my soul’s plan was to keep me from ever getting hurt, and the drawback from that is not being able to experience any form of passionate connection. Or be with someone.


Trust man, live your life with confidence and they will come to you without you needing to try.


I’ll keep trying not to try xD


thank you all for your answers

i won’t leave the spell that way of course, i am a nice witch :joy::joy::joy:
but i am actually vibrating at more than 30000 bovis units, and i wanted to fuck this guy, but my energies are so high compared to his that he was never gonna ask me, and he was the guy i wanted not another one

though this spell shows how magic works , i’ll see the bounce back, what’s good and what is not
so i can see how one can back off and have a bad reaction to spells also.

i’ll free him soon do not worry guys.

by the way , this spell is the association of 5 “works” 2 jars - domination and obsession and 2 pure energy spell without having to go astral, involving the element air, and the element water and a candle work.
dealing with demons it took 2weeks to hook him well, but i was not aware of the engagement phobia…stupid me…

@Mapachtli i have no probleme to get “a” guy, but i wanted “this” one! :slight_smile:


:joy: I’m pretty sure I’ve said that exact thing along the way with my own workings.


I’m a Capricorn, we’re a lot more concerned about status than love. I just want to be powerful, sex is an afterthought.


That’s actually pretty spot on. I’m gay to, and I’m not into older men per se. I have a lot of close friendships with older men because they’re a lot wiser and it helps to learn from the mistakes of others as opposed to making your own.

Personally, I prefer being with a man closer to my age (I’m 24) or younger.


I have 8 instances of Capricorn in my chart. My second is a three way tie between Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio, each with three instances each.

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A quintessential Capricorn xD

I’m mostly a Libra and then Scorpio, and then after that I have some Gemini.


Can you be more specific about what spells you have done and which demons did you evoke?

Could you do the spell for me .my supposed to be girl friend plays to many games and is not being faithful i need to get her back focused on me and only me…help if possible

Can you give step by step instruction on how you did this spell working?