Enslavement spell

over n over means ? every week ?

I guess it could mean everyday, more than once a day and yes every week too

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I haven’t received mine in. 5 days

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Could you let us know exactly what you did step by step? Which spell? [quote=“Lexiann_Lynn, post:84, topic:33970”]

what would you chant?

Can you please tell me the enslavement ritual ?

Which one ?

@Snow88 scroll up to around the 20’s of this post…

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How do you channel your intent into the ‘letter’? Because I’m tried focusing my emotions and desire and channeling it through, but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing.

I have tried different call me/text me spells,but doesn’t had result.Maybe they do not work with very stubborn people.I will try the runes method,looking very potent!